Woodlouse Bait is hard to get when you are looking for a lot of them. Since most of its uses usually require more than 15 pieces, it might take you some time to farm it all.

It would be best to get a few of these at a time while focusing on other things, such as leveling up fast or gathering other resources.

This short guide will show you where to get Woodlouse Bait in New World and tell you what they are used for so you know how many you would need.

What is Woodlouse Bait Used For?

Woodlouse Bait is mainly used for the starting Town Missions in Windsward. The Town Mission is called Fisherfolks Needed and the number of Woodlouse Bait needed is dependent on the difficulty offered in the Town Board.

They appear often as the missions cycle fast if you do them regularly. Therefore, you will need a lot of these in stock if you want to finish them instantly.

Other than completing Town Missions with Woodlouse Bait, you can use them for fishing. It is one of the most basic baits used for fishing. If you are looking to level up fishing fast, it is best that you get a lot of bait and not just Woodlouse Bait.

Go for everything you can grab your hands on.

Where to Get Woodlouse Bait

Woodlouse Bait is commonly found in bushes. They are everywhere around you no matter which area you are in. The problem is its drop rate. After getting around 100+ Woodlouse Bait from bushes, the drop rate should be less than 10% for each bush gathered.

On the bright side, this is also a good way to get Green Wood. Although, you would not get any progress towards Harvesting and Logging. It is better to be efficient when you are farming these. Get a Harvesting Sickle and start gathering plants along the way too.

There are a few good spots to multitask. You can follow our leveling harvesting guide route to maximize efficiency. You will get more than just Woodlouse Bait while leveling your harvesting skill too.

Best Place to Farm Woodlouse Bait

As far as efficiency goes, you can go to the nearest river around Windsward and farm the bushes there. You can also get all the Bulrushes and Briar when you choose to farm near the river.

This will help you get other baits like the Firefly Bait. These will be useful for leveling up your fishing and you will be able to farm resources like Rivercress Stems as well.

If you are more inclined to leveling harvesting and mining than fishing, you can follow the harvesting guide mentioned above. There are Oil, Iron, Lifebloom, Tanglewisps, and a lot of other resources in the route.