Cooking is far more important than most people would realize in New World. There are ingredients that a high Cooking level provides that can be used to grind many other skills and items.

Cooking also allows players to make Dye, which is something that can cause you to make a lot of money in Aeternum. High-level players are often looking for since being fashionable is part of the late game.

Turns out that Fish Oil is a necessary ingredient for all the chefs of the island since you can use it to make Cooking Oil.

So, whether you want to become a master chef of Aeternum, level up your cooking skills, or sell oil to those who need it to make better dishes, our guide will let you know exactly how to acquire Fish Oil in New World.

Fishing and Salvaging

Here’s an obvious statement, Fish Oil comes from Fish. So, we first need a fishing pole and some bait. If you intend to get some saltwater Fish, you might want to learn how to find nightcrawler bait first.

Once you get yourself a fish, you want to hold the “S” key and click on it. This will salvage the Fish, giving you some items, which usually include a kind of Fish Filet and a chance of getting something else.

The types of Fish that can drop fish oil when salvaged are Common Fish, Uncommon Fish, Sturgeon, and Swordfish.

Big and rare fishes tend to be better when we are farming Fish Oil, so you might want to check how to get a better fishing pole in New World if you only have the basic one.

Some Fishing Poles increase your chances of getting a rare fish in your hook. Others might grant you a distance bonus to your line, which might help you reach more profound areas of a river.

Buying Fish Oil

Trading Posts are places that often help us get what we need without putting us through all the trouble. However, it’s not always cheap.

Try looking for fish oil in settlements that are close to hotspots and water. It might increase the chances of having a bunch of fishermen keeping their things at a store there, which might include a lot of Fish Oil.

The more fisherman around, the cheaper the Fish oil should be.

Using Fish Oil

Fish Oil’s primary purpose is to become Cooking Oil. Players need a Level 2 Kitchen and a Cooking Skill level of 5 in order to make Cooking Oil with the following recipe:

  • 2 Fishing Oil
  • 1 Nut

Once you have those, you can just go to the Kitchen and craft away. Farming fish oil is just a matter of salvaging all you fishes until you have what you want.

Unlike Fishing Oil — which is only associated with a single recipe in the Kitchen — Cooking Oil can be used to make many different Food items. Some are very important to farming specific skills or increasing your chances of getting certain ingredients.

For instance, Boil Cabbage “Increases your luck when logging by 1400 points for 25 minutes,” while Game Meat Skewers “increases your Focus by 6 and your Constitution by 4 for 25 minutes.”

Most cooking items will slowly recover your health, but some Food items also give you gathering bonuses, crafting bonuses, attribute bonuses, and much more.

There are many advantages that can come from having a high level of the Cooking skill, and a number of the Food items that provide such benefits need Cooking Oil.

Here’s a list of all Food items that require Cooking Oil in New World:

Recipes that requires Cooking OilCooking skill level needed to make them
Blackened Ray-Finned Barb with Fondant Potatoes and Barley187
Boiled Cabbage20
Braised Wolf Loin132
Cabbage Wrapped Roasted Fish109
Calamari and Tomato Stew133
Carrot Soup58
Caviar Crostini141
Coconut Crusted Fish Filet86
Condiment Provisions20
Condiment Stockpile100
Condiment Supplies50
Deep Fried Poultry92
Fish and Chips125
Fish Cakes85
Fish with Tarragon and Oregano42
Fish with Tomato and Basil34
Fried Albenaja177
Fried Calamari72
Game Meat Skewers44
Garlic Rosemary Poultry32
Glazed Bear with Sauteed Vegetables184
Glazed Chicken Rations3
Glazed Melon Bread152
Grilled Poultry with Saffron Rice90
Herb-Crusted Vegetables153
Onion Smothered Pork94
Orange Thyme Turkey Breast144
Pesto-stuffed Turkey Breast123
Poacher’s Pie178
Pork Belly Fried Rice188
Pork Chops and Apple Sauce21
Roasted Cabbage10
Roasted Squash14
Roasted Vegetable Medley101
Savory Vegetable Medley151
Steamed Squash4
Vegetable Boil108