Oil in New World is easy to get but you need to know where it comes from first.

Oil is obtained from Seeping Stones which are mineable rocks scattered across Aeternum.

This guide will show you how to get Oil in New World, the best farming spot for Oil and we’ll also show you what Oil is used for in New World for good measure.

What is Oil Used For?

Arcana Common Ancient Coating

Oil is used for creating potions the next tier of potions. These are the common potions and are not named weak potions anymore. You will need tier 2 reagants for this one and you can check our fastest way to level up harvesting skills guide. This guide will help you get these tier 2 plants in bulk.

Oil is important (almost required) to increase your Arcana skill because the weak potions will take forever to get your Arcana skill from 20-50. With Oil, you will still need to craft a lot but you will not have to grind several hours just to get 10 points in your Arcana crafting skill.

Other than the use for crafting, potions made from Oil can also be used in combat. There will always be demand for potions as these are important consumables in the game.

There are also some missions that require you to craft and deliver multiple potions to a settlement. It is a great and easy way to gain town reputation, experience points, and coins since you can stock up on these quest items to turn them in every time they show up on the town post-board.

When Can You Start Mining Oil?

You will be able to start mining Oil when you reach mining skill level 20. You can also track them on the map when you reach mining skill level 45. If you want to level up your mining skills fast, you will need to grind hard because it will take a long time to level once you reach level 50.

The Best Place for Farming Oil

Oil Location Seeping Stones

Time for the farming spots. The best New World oil spot would be the river under Millberry Hills. There are 8 nodes here and they are named Seeping Stones. These are geyser-looking rocks on the floor spewing smoke so they will be easy to spot.

Some of them are hidden under Bulrush plants but once you spot them, it will be easy to remember where they are. They always come in pairs for this location. If you find one Seeping Stone, there will be another one nearby.

Oil Loot

The big circles on the image under the Millberry Hills have 7-8 nodes in total already. If you are getting less than that, someone has probably gotten it and forgot to get the other node. The texture details of the Seeping Stones are still there even when mined.

The only way to tell if they can still be mined is that there is still smoke spewing on top of them. Keep this in mind so that you can be more efficient with your farming.

There are a ton of Magical Plants here too and it is a great spot for fishing. This is a big plus for players who also want to level up their harvesting and fishing skill. All the resources here will be used to level up your Arcana skills and Cooking too.

This New World oil farm spot is easily accessible because it is near the starting area. If you want to do a little more exploring, there are more Oil/Seeping Stones spawns in Weaver’s Fen. Just go below the settlement and you will find them everywhere.

Just avoid the structures and go for the open areas. There is a lot of Blightroots, Blightcrags, and Iron Veins in the area too.

Note: You will need a better mining tool if you are still using the basic Flint Mining Pickaxe. It will take you more than 30 seconds to finish one Seeping Stone.