I was recently left puzzled over a simple mission that led me to searching myself for how to craft cleaving crude iron armaments in New World.

However, like with many of my searches so far, there were no answers.

The game is so new that I had to figure this out for myself and then do my duty to report back to DiamondLobby readers.

If you’re looking for how to craft cleaving crude iron armaments, don’t worry — I got you in this guide.

What Are Cleaving Crude Iron Armaments?

New World lists this item as “a cache of weapons to cleave our enemies” which, to be honest, sounds a bit gross. Still, it says all it needs to say and I’m completely fine without having more detail — not this close to meal time anyway.

Where Do You Craft Cleaving Crude Iron Armaments?

To craft this item you need to find yourself a forge. Don’t worry, there are plenty of these scattered around the world of Aeternum.

I used the Forge in Windsward, which seems to be where I’ve spent most of my time in the game so far.

If you can’t find it, it looks like this:

forge in windsward

Forges in other locations should look similar, with a wooden shelter covering a fireplace and an anvil on a wooden log.

You’ll usually find yourself a Forge in the center of a town, near to the Trading Post and other crafting and engineering stations like the Loom and Tannery, as well as your Faction leader.

If you can’t find it, zoom into the map and look for the anvil icon:

forge map

Right click on the icon to give yourself a marker to follow at the top of your screen.

What Items Do You Need?

To make Cleaving Crude Iron Armaments you’ll need four items:

  • A Weaponsmithing Work Order
  • 15 Iron Ore
  • 10 Green Wood
  • 25 Rawhide

These items are all very easy to get nearby.


The trickiest item to work out is where to find Iron Ore in New World, but you can get all three of these things in the nearby location to Windsward called Dankfur Hollow.

dankfur hollow

Iron Ore is mined so you’ll need a Pick, you can get Green Wood from just chopping down a small tree — you should get more than the 10 needed from a single tree.

You’ll get rawhides by skinning animals like boar, Dankfur wolves and more.

If you’re a very low level, a good tip for skinning animals in Dankfur Hollow is to follow another player around that’s also attacking so that you share the burden of doing damage and protecting health.

You should probably already have the Weaponsmithing Work Order if you’re looking to make this item.

How to Craft the Armaments

Once you have the items above, go to the Forge and choose to craft the New World Crude Iron Armaments — it will probably be pinned to the top due to being a recipe from a quest (unless you’re doing this just for the fun of it…weird).

You only need to be Engineering level 0 for this — anyone can make them — so don’t worry about ranking up your Engineering skill first.

Click to craft and there you go — all done!