The Reagents in Amazon Games’ New World can be tied to a concept, such as Medicinal Reagents, Life Reagents, Spirit Reagents, and Magical Reagents. Others, however, are tied to Elements, which is the case for Fire, Earth, Water, and Air Reagents.

Some Reagents can fall under more than one category. For instance, the Rivercress Stem is both a Tier 2 Protective Reagent and a Tier 2 Water Reagent. However, the bulrush cob is a Tier 1 Medicinal Reagent and nothing else.

When it comes to Earth Reagents, they are not very numerous. You have only a total of ten reagents that fall under this category—three of Tier 2, Three of Tier 3, and two on each remaining tier.

Like Life Reagents and Air Reagents, as well as other Reagents, Earth Reagents can be used in a variety of things like Stonecutting, Arcana, Furnishing, Armoring, and more. There are many different recipes that require an Earth Reagent and knowing where to find them can also be quite lucrative if you know how to use the Trading Post in New World.

So, whether you’re just looking for the last ingredient to make a potion or another way to make some gold, this guide here has all information you need on where to get Earth Reagents in New World.

Every Type of Earth Reagent in New World

As previously mentioned, there are only ten different Earth Reagents in New World.

In the table below, you can see all the Earth Reagents that currently exist in Aeternum and the tier to which they belong.

Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Earth MoteEarth WispEarth EssenceEarth Quintessence
Earthspine StemEarthkspine LeafEarthspine FlowerEarthshell Tail
PetalcapLoamy LoadstoneEarthshell Turtle

Where to Find Every Earth Reagent

Some are your basic Reagents that come from almost any node related to Earth — like motes — and others can be crafted — like wisps and Quintessence.

There are also those that can be obtained from loot nodes such as Alchemy Crates, and others must be gathered from plants and boulders.

Here is where to find each of them.

Earth Motes

Earth Motes are the most basic type of Essence Resource. They are common Tier 2 Earth Reagents that are used in Alchemy.

This Resource can be acquired from several sources such as Earthspines, Earthcrags, Earthshell Turtles, Alchemy Crates, and Oil Supply Carts.

Earthspine Stems

Eaerthspine Stem is a Tier 2 Earth Reagent and Protective Reagent in New World. This Alchemical Resource is useful in potion crafting according to the in-text game.

This item can be harvested from the Magical Plant called Earthspine. You need a Sickle, and your Harvesting Skill must be 30 or higher for you to gather it.

When your Harvesting skill reaches level 45, you can also track Earthspine Plants.


New World defines Petalcaps as “the flesh of a Petalcap Mushroom.” Players can harvest it from a Petalcap Fungus, also known as Fronded Petalcap.

This Resource is exceptionally abundant around Windsward, and it can be harvested no matter what’s the level of your Harvesting Skill. When you harvest a Fronded Petalcap, you gain 5 Character XP and 46 Harvesting XP.

Earth Wisps

Earth Wisps are Essences of the Earth. They are Tier 3 Reagents and also uncommon Resources used in Alchemy.

Earth Wisps can be crafted at Tier 3 or higher Arcane Repositories as long as you have five Earth Motes and your Arcana Skill at Level 25.

Earthspine Leaves

The Earthspine Leaf is an Uncommon Resource that can be acquired from Earthspine Plants. It has alchemical properties that make it useful for the crafting of potions.

Besides being Tier 3 Earth Reagent, Earthspine Leaves also work as Tier 3 Protective Reagents.

Loamy Lodestones

According to New World’s in-game text, “This magical stone smells like fertile soil.” The Loamy Lodestone is an Alchemy Protective Material and also an Earth Reagent.

Players can mine this Tier 3 Reagent from a Vein called Earthcrag. It requires your Mining Skill to be at level 50. Earthcrags take between 14 to 19 to respawn.

Earth Essence

According to the game, this Tier 4 Reagent is “a powerful Essence of Earth” that is used in Alchemy.

This Resource is a Tier 4 Earth Reagent that can be crafted at Tier 4 Arcane Repositories by combining four Earth Wisps.

Earthspine Flowers

The Earthspine Flower is a Tier 4 rare resource that can be obtained from the Earthspine Plants.

Combined with other items, it can be used to make Powerful Health Potions, Infused Beast Ward Potions, Powerful Blight Tincture, and many other items.

Earth Quintessence

Earth Quintessence is the purest Earth Reagent in New World. It is a Tier 4 epic Resource that can be crafted by combining three Earth Essences at an Arcane Repository.

In order to craft Earth Quintessences, players must also have their Arcana skill at level 125. Crafting this Resource grants players 90 Arcana Experience, and it might be a good way to level up arcana fast.

Earthshell Tails

Earthshell Tails are tier 4 Earth Reagents and also Tier 4 Protective Reagents in New World. This Epic Resource derives from Earthshell Turtles.

Earthshell Turtles

The Earthshell Turtle is an Animal that players can harvest once their Harvesting skill reaches level 10.

They are easy to find if you look for them in the Ebonscale Reach territory, to the East of Ebonscale Reach Settlement.

Final Thoughts

Reagents can be found in Alchemy Crates, Magical Plants, Special Boulders, Veins, and more. They can be used to craft Potions, Armors, Jewels, and even better-refined Reagents.

Most recipes do not demand a specific Reagent, so as long as you have the Reagent of the demanded type and tier, you should be good to go. Knowing that, and with all the information provided in this guide, it should be much easier for you to set the easiest and most rewarding course when gathering the resources you need.

Also, make sure to check Trading Posts. Players who collect too many Reagents and don’t have a use for them tend to sell those items at a reasonable price.