If you’ve been working through Town Missions in New World, you’ve probably stumbled across the one asking you to acquire 15 Weak Mana Potions.

And if you’ve landed on this post, you’re probably wondering where to find Weak Mana Potions in New World, or at least asking how to acquire them.

Fortunately, this is a pretty simple mission once you know how to do it.

Here’s exactly how to do it.

Where to Make Weak Mana Potions

You can make the New World Weak Mana Potion at any Arcane Repository and you do not need any previous Arcana XP to make them, meaning all you need to find is the ingredients.

arcane repository

You’ll find an Arcane Repository in all large towns.

The one I used is in Windsward and you’ll find it on the map in the image below:

arcane repository map

What Ingredients Do You Need for Weak Mana Potions?

If you’re wondering how to make weak mana potion in New World, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

To make a Weak Mana Potion in New World, you’ll need to know the weak mana potion recipe. It’s pretty simple – you’ll need just two ingredients; a Tier 1 Magical Reagent (I used Briar Buds) and Water.

weak mana potion no ingredients

The great news is that you can find plenty of these weak mana potion ingredients nice and quickly.

Briar Buds

You’ll get Briar Buds from Briar bushes — you’ll often find many of these around most fishing locations.

greenhaven broad fishing hotspot

There are least 15 Briar bushes surrounding the lake at the Broad Fishing Hotspot in Windsward and they respawn fairly quickly too, meaning you can run from one side of the location to the other and on your run back, you’ll be able to search the Briar for more Briar Buds again.

Unfortunately you won’t get Briar Buds every single time you search, but there is a fairly high success rate of finding them — probably between 33%-50% if I was to estimate how often I found them.


The best pulls from Briar will get you Briar Buds, Firefly Bait and Thorny Vine.

briar buds

None of the items are particularly valuable, but at least they can all be useful in various other missions or leveling up other skills.

In order to acquire 15 Weak Mana Potions, you’ll need to find 15 Briar Buds.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend two minutes searching the Briar for these buds, you could just buy some from the Trading Post. It all depends on how much you value your time and your coins — I personally enjoy just getting the items myself, but I can understand why you might want to complete these missions as quickly as possible to improve your location standing.


Finding fresh water in New World is extremely easy and it can be done in the same location as I recommended above. Just get into the water and you can grab buckets of it from anywhere.

Every time you press ‘e’ to collect fresh water you’ll be given a quantity of 10 water. Yes this doesn’t make a lot of sense but all you need to know is that if you collect water twice, you’ll have 20 water and only 15 is needed for making 15 Weak Mana Potions.

You can get water from any lake, river, stream or well, so you should never be too far away from some if it’s the only ingredient you need.

Other Things to Know

If you’ve already collected a range of random ingredients in your inventory or your storage whilst you’ve been playing the game, it’s worth checking to see if you already have anything that qualifies as a Tier 1 Magical Reagent.

If you already have something, you might not need to collect any Briar Buds.

Lots of skills in the game allow you to substitute different items in and out of recipes — it’s the same when cooking in New World as you have a huge number of different items that qualify as Tier 1 or Tier 2 raw foods and all can be used.