If you’re that kind of adventurer who’s leveling your Harvesting skill the fastest way possible in higher levels, you will eventually start farming for high-quality resources like Silkweed. It’ll be tougher getting to their resource nodes but we’ll be giving you the info you’ll need to find Silkweed in New World.

Silkweed is a harvestable resource that can only be harvested with a harvesting skill of 100 and can be trackable at 125. Silkweed looks very similar to hemp, having long stalks of leaves but with the difference of having bluish-purple flowers instead at the tip.

If you’re not a high enough level to harvest Silkweed, find Shockbulbs and other lower-level items like Soulsprouts to help progress through the ranks.

Knowing the best spots to find Silkweed will be incredibly essential on your quest to level up the Weaving skill. Its materials are used to craft high-quality materials such as silk, giving you 1665XP each time you successfully weave one roll.

Read on and find out where to find Silkweed and maximize your farming.

What Can You Harvest From Silkweed? 

You can gain the following materials when you harvest Silkweed. Note that the items that can be gathered will depend on your gear and a little bit of luck.

  • Dead Dryad Vine. Uncommon Resource. Used when crafting to apply a bonus of constitution and intelligence to an item.
  • Glintstrands. A tier 4 Epic Resouce. Used as cloth, Glintstrands, and tier 4 cloth.
  • Scalecord. A tier 4 Epic Resouce. Used as cloth, Scalecord, and tier 4 cloth.
  • Silk Threads. A tier 4 common rarity resource. Used to create Silk.
  • Verbena Flower. A tier 3 uncommon rarity resource.Used as a crafting mod.
  • Verbena Leaf. A tier 3 uncommon rarity resource.Used as a crafting mod.
  • Verbena Stem. A tier 3 uncommon rarity resource.Used as a crafting mod.
  • Vial of Azalea Nectar.  A tier 3 uncommon rarity resource.Used as a crafting mod.

How Do You Harvest Silkweed Faster?

If you plan on Harvesting Silkweed faster, it will depend on two things – your harvesting equipment and your stats.

Your harvesting sickle’s rarity can shorten the time needed to gather Silkweed. It can also contain perks that can increase your yield and/or your luck which makes each one unique.

When it comes to your stats, you will have to invest in your intelligence. You get a passive skill that decreases your harvest time by 10% if you have an intelligence level of 50. If you decide that you want to focus more on your intelligence stat more, you can always respec your attributes for free until you’re level 20.

Where To Find Silkweed

New World makes resource gathering player-friendly as all resource nodes are fixed. All that’s left for you for the player is to remember where they are located and plan their route for their resource runs.

There are a total of 14 regions to harvest Silkweed on the Island of Aeturnum:

  • 15 nodes in Shattered Mountain
  • 25 nodes in Great Cleave
  • 10 nodes in Edengrove
  • 64 nodes in Mourningdale
  • 15 nodes in Ebonscale Reach
  • 48 nodes in Brightwood
  • 10 nodes in Everfall
  • 27 nodes in Weaver’s Fen
  • 43 nodes in Restless Shore
  • 15  nodes in Monarch’s Bluffs
  • 6 nodes  in Windsward
  • 5 nodes in Reekwater
  • 30 nodes in Cutlass Keys
  • 7 nodes in First Light

The Best Route To Harvest Silkweed

The most efficient method to farm silkweed is at Mourningwood. It is advised that you reach at least level 40 when attempting this farm because of higher-level opponents.

Your farming route is fairly straightforward as the route you’ll be taking will start from the spirit shrine of the restless shore. Follow the road heading northeast until you come across your first silkweed harvesting node.

Once you’ve harvested the node, head north, following the path by the water. If you get lost, stick to the right side of the main road towards Mourningwood town as most harvesting nodes can be found there.

We’ve chosen this route so you can craft and sell your item as soon as possible. Good luck on your farms.