Grinding for new loot is probably the best part of Borderlands 3. With the wide range of weapons in the game, finding new favorite guns and testing them out quickly turns into an obsession. It gets seriously addicting, and before you know it, you’ve spent hours farming for a new legendary. 

The looting aspect of the game combined with the post-apocalyptic setting, iconic stylized visuals, and tight gunplay is hard to beat. It also leaves you wanting more. Our list of games like Borderlands 3 will help you find a new title to farm loot in! 

From RPGs in high-fantasy worlds to looter-shooters set in modern-day – we have a huge selection of games to check out if you loved this addition to the Borderlands series.

Here are the 10 best loot-based games like Borderlands 3.

Gunfire Reborn

Available on PC.

gunfire reborn

From the combat to even the art style, this game draws heavy inspiration from the Borderlands franchise. Gunfire Reborn combines the loot and FPS elements of the series with roguelite gameplay.

Just like in Borderlands, this game has you choose from a cast of heroes to play, each one with unique abilities. The characters are all designed after animals. They are cute, colorful and full of personality.

Where Gunfire Reborn shines is with the loot system and diversity with the weapons. There are over 100 different guns you can find, with designs inspired by both sci-fi and fantasy. You might find an assault rifle one run or you could find something ridiculous, like a lizard that spits out projectiles.  

It’s the only other loot-based game I’ve played besides Borderlands where they go hard on wacky weapons with quirky abilities. This gives you so many opportunities for creating crazy builds. 

Gunfire Reborn at its heart is a roguelite game. You’ll be adventuring through procedurally generated levels, and if you die, you have to restart. Being a roguelite, you don’t get to keep your equipment between runs. However, there’s still a persistent progression system for unlocking new characters and stat boosts.

If your favorite part of games like Borderlands 3 is the gunplay and variety in loot, play Gunfire Reborn. It cuts out the story and quests, throwing you into gun-and-fun-filled action.

Destiny 2

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

destiny 2 2

If you’re ready to leave Pandora and explore other planets, it’s time to download Destiny 2. The game dominates the looter-shooter genre, and is Borderlands 3’s biggest competitor.

Destiny 2 is the most comparable game to Borderlands 3 on this list. They share similar progression and loot systems, first-person shooter gameplay, and class/skill mechanics. It’s one of the best loot games on Steam by a mile. 

It’s the ideal choice if you still want FPS gameplay to get your grind and loot fix. You might also find the game’s heavy sci-fi setting and alien monsters a refreshing change.

When it comes to combat, Destiny 2 is arguably smoother than Borderlands. It’s designed by the Halo team, Bungie. It’s so highly polished that the game even ruined other shooters for me.

From the sound to shooting, and even the reload animation – the quality and care put into every weapon is top quality. It makes finding new loot thrilling, especially when you get a new gun to try. 

There are over 600 different weapons in Destiny 2, all with different stats and perks. It’s a dream for any loot fanatic. Combined with the class abilities, the game allows for unique and fun builds.

You can go from mowing down enemies with an assault rifle to finishing them off with lightning bolts. It’s not just plain-old guns either, you even have laser weapons!

If you love what you hear, you should give our games like Destiny 2 list a read. It won’t be long before you’re addicted to the game and dying to play something similar.

Path of Exile

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

path of exile

Dark, gritty, and full of depth. That’s the fastest way to describe Path of Exile. The game delves heavily into the roots of the ARPG genre, bringing back deep skill trees and customization. 

The dark fantasy setting and top-down gameplay in Path of Exile is a stark contrast to Borderlands 3 colorful world and gunplay – but hear me out.

With its expansive skill trees, build options, and varied loot, the game is instantly addictive. It’ll turn slaughtering ancient gods and monsters into a daily craving.

This is all backed by its strong combat system, which is one of the best in ARPG history. We even have a list for games like Path of Exile because the action will have you thirsting for more.

If you wanted more from the class system in Borderlands 3, this game has you covered. Offering seven class options and over 450 skills, it’ll satisfy any RPG-sized holes you have.

The game isn’t short of content either, with enough to keep you occupied for hundreds of hours. It’s constantly getting new updates and expansions. If you’re ever close to getting bored, it also has different gameplay modes to spice it up! For example, there’s a permadeath difficulty, and even a mode that forces you to strictly solo content.

All the deep character customization in Path of Exile might seem daunting at first. However, the community is always happy to help and there are plenty of guides online! You won’t regret downloading it.

Monster Hunter Rise

Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

monster hunter rise 1

The Monster Hunter series reigns supreme when it comes to the loot-based games. It’s the king for its variety of different weapons and armor, and has superb action combat.

It’s a far cry from the guns and bullets in Borderlands 3, but swinging around massive swords as you take down giant beasts is just as addictive. Monster Hunter delivers on providing an engaging gameplay loop.

Unlike most loot-focused games, Monster Hunter doesn’t actually have its bosses drop equipment. Instead, you craft everything using the remains of the monsters, and materials you gather.  

Gameplay consists of preparing supplies for a quest, and then hunting down the monster on a variety of different maps. If you enjoy multiplayer in games like Borderlands 3, you’ll be happy to know that this game allows for 4 player co-op.

Combat in this game is skill-based and great if you want a challenging experience. All the effort you have to put into battles also makes obtaining a new set of gear feel more rewarding.

Monster Hunter Rise has over 12 different weapon types to choose from. You can also mix and match different gear, which allows for creativity with builds, and synergy for loot effects. 

Every weapon draws from the monster parts used to create it. Some might feature scales, or even colorful feathers. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your character in Rise in full gear.

Torchlight Series

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

torchlight 3

Take your pick between Torchlight 1, 2, 3, or even Infinite – they all offer great dungeon-crawling gameplay, and satisfying loot to collect. 

Instead of a first-person perspective, the Torchlight games will have you playing from an isometric top-down view. They feature classic hack-and-slash ARPG-styled gameplay, like Diablo.

The games will have you exploring a vibrant high-fantasy world, adventuring through procedurally generated caverns and dungeons, clearing out hordes of enemies.

If you loved the Borderlands heavily-stylized cartoon visuals, you’ll fall in love with Torchlight’s art direction. The design for the world and characters are charming, and the colors pop off the screen. The art style in the games is instantly recognizable. It’s also a relaxing break away from the usual, dark aesthetic we see in ARPG titles like Diablo.

Whether you want to conjure magical spells, go berserk with a sword, or fight from a distance – The Torchlight series has you covered. The game covers every possible playstyle with magic, melee and ranged options.

You don’t have to farm for loot alone in Torchlight, either. You’ll also get to create an adorable animal companion to take on your travels! They’ll aid you in combat, and even provide buffs.

Along with a loyal pet companion, the games also feature co-op with up to 4 other people! It’s one of the few games like Borderlands 3 that provide a strong loot-based multiplayer experience.

Minecraft Dungeons

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

minecraft dungeons

Maybe it’s time to unload your guns and travel to the blocky world of Minecraft Dungeons! It’s an odd recommendation, but the dungeon crawler has worked for its spot on a games like Borderlands 3 list. 

The Minecraft spin-off title draws heavily from the ARPG legends that came before. The game draws heavily from titles like Diablo and Grim Dawn, but simplifies it and makes it accessible. 

It’s perfect if you found games like Path of Exile daunting, and wanted a more relaxing experience. You can just sit back, focus on picking up loot, and creating overpowered builds.

Instead of typical class and skill systems, Minecraft Dungeons just lets you go free-for-all with the wide range of weapons and armor available. This is where the game captures lightning in a bottle.

From the get-go, the game gives you full freedom in building up your character. You aren’t limited by levels, or having to unlock new skills.

Minecraft Dungeons cuts out all of that, and gets straight to the best part of loot-based games. You can jump right into speeding around like the Flash, or consuming souls to summon death beams.  You can start mix-and-matching effects and gear almost immediately. There are no class-based restrictions or need to wait until endgame.

If you loved feeling like an overpowered god in Borderlands 3 with outrageous builds, give Minecraft Dungeons a shot. It’s one of the more unique additions to this list of games similar to Borderlands 3, but it’s absolutely worth trying out.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

division 2

New York City has become ground zero for a pandemic that has left the world in chaos. The Division 2 picks up where the first game left off, and builds upon everything that made it great.  

The Division series are online RPG games with heavy looter-shooter elements. If you ever wanted more customization with the actual guns in Borderlands, then Division 2 is the perfect fit.

The game features 7 different weapon types, from assault rifles to snipers, and shotguns. There are 50+ different guns to collect and play with, and each one offers deep customization. You can change out parts on the gun, and add different attachments like optics. It’s the strongest part of the game, and allows you to personalize every piece of loot to your liking.  

Loot in Division 2 has randomized stats and rarity levels just like Borderlands too. Finding a high-end or exotic item throws your excitement through the roof, and the novelty never wears off.

Guns can also have different bonus effects – known as ‘talents’, which can drastically transform your playstyle. Weapon modifications and attachments can be found as loot as well.  

Division 2’s loot system is deep and bountiful. Before you know it, you’ll be asking your friends to play ‘just one more mission’, or to do one more raid.  

This is a must-play if you want games like Borderlands 3. The real-world city setting combined with its more tactical gunplay is a welcome change to the post-apocalyptic wasteland.  

Diablo Immortal

Available on PC, Android, and iOS

diablo immortal

It’s hard to go wrong with the Diablo series if you want a new loot-based experience. It helped pioneer the genre, and was a huge inspiration during the development of the Borderlands games.  

You won’t lose anything by trying out Diablo Immortal as its free-to-play. It also features cross-progression and is on both PC and Android/iOS. 

This makes it great for fulfilling your loot cravings at home and on the go. Diablo Immortal has the same addictive gameplay as the rest of the franchise but expands it to an MMO scale. 

If you’re a fan of rich worldbuilding and lore, Diablo Immortal delivers. The game is set between Diablo 2 and 3, and the story is compelling – especially if you follow the series closely.  

The game’s six different classes all play pretty differently and have strong individual identities. The diverse play styles to choose from add to the replayability factor, and experimenting with builds.  

The combat in Diablo Immortal is its strongest point. Fights feel super smooth and the controls are responsive. Every time you go to activate an ultimate skill is hype-filled, and you can’t help but smile seeing the enemies drop around you. 

Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions are worrying, but it’s still worth giving it a go. Especially if you need a new addiction after Borderlands 3. The loot grind bundled with dark fantasy setting is addictive.

Risk of Rain 2

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

risk of rain 2 1

Risk of Rain 2 is an indie-developed masterpiece, and an essential play if you want a new loot-based game. It’s a roguelike third-person shooter with the sole aim of surviving waves of alien enemies.  

At first glance, the gameplay doesn’t share much in common with Borderlands 3. However, if you enjoy trying out new builds and getting creative with gear combinations, there’s plenty to love here. 

There’s a wide range of classes to choose from in Risk of Rain 2, and then over 100 items to further flesh out your character. Most items grant effects and stat bonuses, while some are similar to skills. 

The gameplay loop of Risk of Rain 2 consists of ‘runs’, where you have to survive against enemies on wave-based levels. As you progress, you’ll collect loot to get stronger, and enemies get harder.  

In roguelike fashion, if you die, you have to start over again. However, the more you play you’ll unlock new classes to play as, and new items that show up in future playthroughs.  

It’s extremely fun figuring out what items synergize well with each other, and what works best for the different characters. 

The combat can also get edge-of-your-seat thrilling. It’s hard not to let out a scream when enemies start piling up, and the boss is coming for you at full force.

Fallout 76

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

fallout 76

No one can deny Fallout 76 had a rough and bug-filled launch. However, since then it’s received countless content updates and fixes, turning it into a post-apocalypse worth exploring. 

The combat and polish in Fallout 76 doesn’t come close to Borderlands 3. The gunplay isn’t nearly as responsive or smooth, and movement can feel clunky – but it does make up for it elsewhere.

Where Fallout 76 fails to shoot (literally), its shortcomings are made up for with its rich open world, other gameplay systems and loot. The map is massive, with gorgeous and diverse environments.

From ruined cities to even volcanic landscapes, it urges you to explore. The game encourages scavenging for new loot, and it’s always followed by a happy moment when you find a new weapon or armor.

The first time you find the series’ iconic Power Armor in Fallout 76 is ecstatic. The game’s world is full of loot, from the smallest house to the depths of underground mines. 

It’s great if you love picking up whatever you see. With the base-building features and crafting, the game adds more uses for loot too! Unlike Borderlands 3, it isn’t just for fancy new weapons. 

The janky gameplay of Fallout 76 can be a hard pill to swallow – but if you do, you’re rewarded with a vast world just waiting to be looted.

Honorable Mention: Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

tiny tina

It would be disrespectful if we didn’t mention Tiny Tina’s Wonderland somewhere on this list! It’s from the same developers, and a Borderlands DLC turned into a full-fledged standalone spin-off game. 

On the same note, if you haven’t already, you should play through the other Borderlands games. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland takes the series gameplay and places it in a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired world.  

The fantasy world is a celebration of tabletop RPGs, filled with grand cities, magical forests to explore, and more! It also builds on the typical Borderlands formula by adding in character creation and melee combat.

For the first time ever in the franchise, you can create your own hero with an in-depth character creator. The multiclass system also allows for deep customization, allowing you to combine skills between 6 trees.