8 Games Like Tomodachi Life

Games Like Tomodachi Life
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Tomodachi is a unique kind of game, it’s pretty different even from other social simulators. Seeing your Miis interact and live in such weird ways rarely gets old, but it’s been a long time since the game’s release. Even with all of the different personality types, players are going to run out eventually! While a true sequel doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, there are games like Tomodachi life that can hit the same spot.

Tomodachi Life offers a style of gameplay that isn’t the most common! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re playing a game at all. Although, there are some games that come close. Even in more traditional social sims, there are Tomodachi Life alternatives with a similar vibe.

The top games like Tomodachi Life aren’t all about having Miis chat. Each comes close to Tomodachi in different ways though. Even if there are bigger elements of farming or fighting monsters, social interactions are at the core of the gameplay.

These are the best games like Tomodachi Life. We’ll go in reverse order, starting with some that are similar and working the way to the titles that are most like Tomodachi Life:

8. Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory - Games like Tomodachi Life

A lot of the games like Tomodachi life move towards the sim genre, with farming elements popping up. Rune Factory is similar but goes in a unique direction with RPG combat alongside socializing.

Rune Factory is a long-running series, it’s a spin-off of the social sim and farming games Harvest Moon. It’s not as well known, but Rune Factory 5 is often called one of the best farming sims on Switch.

Over numerous releases, it’s grown a fanbase for its mix of role-playing and social sim gameplay. Rune Factory is the latest, it’s lived up to the promise of the series on modern consoles.

The gameplay in Rune Factory 5 combines a few different genres. In terms of its social sim aspects, it’s one of the games like Tomodachi Life that lets you get to know a town.

Players can interact with the game’s local characters. You’ll get closer to these people and learn more about their lives. The interactions feel less chaotic than in Tomodachi Life, but they’re a lot of fun.

You can even peruse these relationships up to marriage. Among the villagers, there are some special NPCs called bachelors and bachelorettes. These are characters who you can eventually settle down with, once you’ve won them over.

Outside of relationships, the core gameplay involves combat and monsters! Your player character has lost their memory and joins some rangers to keep the town safe. You’ll need to fight monsters alongside taming them and farming.

Rune Factory 5 has a lot of features that make it one of the best games like Tomodachi Life. While there are monsters and combat, there’s also a lot of fun to be found in the social interactions in the game.

7. Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove - Games like Tomodachi Life
Spry Fox

Cozy Grove is an indie game that captures some of the spirit of games like Tomodachi Life. The game is called cozy for a reason. It’s a casual game that’s enjoyable played in short bursts compared to lengthy sessions, but those bursts are pretty comforting.

The title has a lot in common with games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. There is an island with some inhabitants that you can interact with. Your goal is to build up the island and do tasks for those living there. Here though you’re camping instead of building a town.

This includes rewards like upgrading the tent that you live in, but also planting fruit trees for different food and even looking after animals. There is foraging, mining, crafting, everything you’d expect from a game in this genre.

The big difference for Cozy Grove is that all the inhabitants are dead. The island is filled with ghosts, you’ll need to help them to restore color and life to them.

In most games with this set-up, you’re building friendship with a villager. Here you’re helping out ghosts with all of the quests that you complete.

One of the biggest draws to Cozy Grove is the art style. It’s a cute game with a polished visual style. The biggest downside to this game is that there isn’t a whole lot for you to do every day.

Cozy Grove is great for filling smaller sessions though, which makes it one of the games like Tomodachi life that fits that style of playing.  

6. Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life - Games like Tomodachi Life
Level 5

Fantasy Life is a full-life simulation game with an immersive world to live in. It all takes place in Reveria, a fully fleshed-out fantasy world complete with ancient prophecies, goddesses, and a collapsing dome in the sky.

You’ll need to complete various tasks around the world to open the game’s possibilities up. Like decorating or customizing your character.

There are twelve different jobs in the game, these decide what path you’re going to go down. Having twelve diverse choices gives you a lot of control over the life your character leads.

NPCs in the game are the source of the social sim aspects. You can get to know the bright characters that live around the world. While it is a fantasy world, these conversations can be surprisingly down-to-earth.

There’s a decent story in this title and some fantastical elements. However, fans of the slice-of-life type of gameplay in Tomodachi Life will find a lot to like here. The game centers on the everyday, trying to make work fun.

Fantasy Life has some of the common flaws of JRPGs, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for Tomodachi Life alternatives that go beyond the mundane.

5. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town - Games like Tomodachi Life

Story of Seasons is a game series with a bit of a complicated background. These are the original Harvest Moon games, although a different company publishes new games with that title. While developers lost the original name, these are the true successors to the series that inspired so many social sim games like Tomodachi Life.

The Story of Seasons series is a good fit as a Tomodachi Life alternative. Particularly the recent remake, Friends of Mineral Town. This is a charming remake of the original Game Boy Advance game. This version brings it over to Switch, modernizing and introducing a level of polish that elevates the game.

In Story of Seasons, you take over a grandparent’s farm. Along with building the farm up, you have to get to know all of the inhabitants of the titular Mineral Town.

The residents of the town each have their own lives and stories for you to discover. You even have expansive choices of which resident you want to marry or have children with.

Story of Seasons has these social aspects but it’s also a farming game. You’ve got to get your farm running smoothly to keep progressing.

Since this is a remake of an older game, there are some more dated aspects. If you’re used to Stardew then you might be let down in places. However, it has a charm that the series hasn’t achieved too much lately. This is a great remake of the original title too, updating things while remaining faithful.

Story of Seasons is off on a bit of a tangent from games like Tomodachi Life with its focus on farming. It has a lot in common with that game though, and it’s one of the best social sim games in the series.

4. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer - Games like Tomodachi Life
Thunder Lotus Games

Spiritfarer is an indie game that has grown a committed fanbase thanks to its charm and unique gameplay. This is one of the games like Tomodachi Life that has some special qualities.

The game is a mix between a social sim and a manager sim. The player takes over the role of a Spiritfarer, essentially a ferrymaster. You have to sail around finding out spirits and helping them to reach the afterlife.

These spirits have their own stories, meeting them adds a lot to the game. These aren’t as grounded as the interactions in Tomodachi Life, but it has a lot of charm.

Outside of the social aspects, you have a lot of control over how you build up your ship. There are manager sim elements that add more complexity to the game. A ferry for the dead makes a change from all the farming games like Tomodachi Life out there.

Spiritfarer also has a lovely soundtrack and art style that sets the relaxing tone. It features hand-drawn art that contributes a lot to the peaceful vibe.

Spiritfarer can be quite moving in how it deals with death and moving on. While there are more complex areas like management, the social aspects and stories are at the heart of the game. It’s why it’s one of the Tomodachi Life alternatives with the most heart.

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Games like Tomodachi Life

Stardew Valley has become an immensely popular indie, taking the farm and social simulator genre to a new height. The game takes the old-fashioned Harvest Moon set-up but does unique things with it that will capture the player’s attention for hours on end.

You’re tasked with taking over the family farm, moving out to the country for a new life. Getting the farm up and running is a lengthy task, you’ll need to plan out harvests and gradually upgrade your facilities. Eventually, you can make more complicated products and work with a lot of different types of animals.

It’s the town of Stardew Valley itself that most players fall in love with though. This is one of the games like Tomodachi Life that has some of the most fleshed-out characters. To learn more about all of the inhabitants of the village you’ll need to win their favor with gifts or by helping with requests.

Once a villager gets close enough to you, you’re treated to cut scenes that help you learn more about them and deepen your bond. There’s a lot of choice in what villagers you want to befriend, and which you don’t. There are even choices for marrying one of the townsfolk.

Stardew has a beautiful art style and a lovely soundtrack. It all helps to make playing a relaxing and comforting one. That’s a big part of why its one of the best indie games on Steam.

Even if you’re grinding away to try and grow enough crops before winter, it’s hard to get too stressed out playing this game.

2. Miitopia

Miitopia - Games like Tomodachi Life

Miitopia is probably the game on this list that’s closest to Tomodachi Like. It’s a social sim game. While there are a lot of great games like Tomodachi Life, this is basically a spin-off. It’s a pretty close experience to the original.

Both games make extensive use of Nintendo’s Miis. Here they are given much more personality and presence than in most games. Their personality traits impact how they act in-game. They also have relationships with each other that make a big difference.

Miitopia has social elements, but it’s definitely an RPG! It’s a cross between the social simulator genre and role-playing games. There is direct combat between characters here, adding a lot more to gameplay.

It clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Tomodachi Quest in Tomodachi Life. There’s a clearer storyline and a focus on combat. However, the game does keep a lot of aspects of Tomodachi Life. There are still the personality traits, relationships between Miis, and even food from the earlier game.

As a spin-off from Tomodachi Life, this is probably the closest of the games like Tomodachi Life. It’s even been released on the Nintendo Switch, so it’s easier than ever to play.

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Games like Tomodachi Life

Animal Crossing New Horizons might be the most popular of the games like Tomodachi Life. If you’ve not tried it out yet, it might be the best alternative for you!

Players move to an island paradise and have to gradually build the community up into a full town. It starts with a tent but eventually becomes a thriving village.

There are expansive tools for customizing how you want the island designed. You can even reshape the land and chose where all buildings are located. If you enjoy creativity, you can do some really special things with the tools available to you.

One of the best elements of Animal Crossing is interacting with all of the villagers. These are a range of animals, each with a big personality. Every villager has their own home, tastes, personality, likes, and dislikes.

You can make friends with these villagers and share your island life with them. Some people play for hours just trying to get their favorite villagers to come to their island!

New Horizons expands everything about Animal Crossing. Out of the games like Tomodachi Life, New Horizons is one of the most polished. This is by far the most evolved form of Animal Crossing, the series has never been this good.


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