Celeste is an intricate platformer with tough gameplay and a compelling story. It’s a truly unforgettable game to play through, so what should you pick up next? It can be tricky to find games like Celeste that live up to that level of quality.

Like a lot of indie games in this style, Celeste isn’t the longest game. Even with the B-sides to play through, you’ll eventually need to find another title to pick up and explore. While not everything can beat Celeste in sheer quality, there are games that have a similar feel and excel in their own ways.

Loads of Celeste alternatives have really fun mechanics. These range from titles with similar technical platforming, to ones with a similar focus on narrative and character.

Here are the 10 best games like Celeste for you to check out.


Splasher - Games Like Celeste
Dear Villagers

Splasher is a neat 2D platformer game like Celeste. It’s filled with humor and some memorable characters. 

You have a paint cannon at your disposal and have to use this in various ways in order to complete the various levels. You can use it to run on walls, make longer jumps, and interact with the world around you.

The main appeal of Splasher is its challenging gameplay. This is a difficult platformer. The game does let you play more casually if you need to, though. If you want to really challenge yourself there are modes like Time Attack that you can focus on. These will give even the best platformer fans some trouble. 

Splasher is a creative title, and the world it’s set in can be pretty entertaining. Even if you’re mainly focused on the difficult gameplay, you’ll still find a lot to love in this game.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for games like Celeste, as it has a rewarding gameplay cycle, unique mechanics, and an interesting backdrop. It’s one of the best platform games on Steam and it’s worth taking a look at.

The End is Nigh

The End is Nigh - Games Like Celeste
Edmun McMillan

The End is Nigh is the first game from developer Edmund McMillien that we’ll be highlighting in this list. It’s not the last though. This is a game with a big focus on platforming, but with a compelling story around it. 

The game kicks off with a retro version of the same game you’re about to enjoy, until it crashes. You play as Ash, a creature who has survived an apocalypse. With his favorite game cartridge broken, you’ll need to help him set out into the world and try to find other survivors.

The story progresses as you gather more information based on the single-screen levels in the game. There are multiple endings available to the game, and each one is fulfilling in a different way. 

The visuals of the game are simple but stylized. They add to the overall atmosphere and create a unique world. 

This is one of the best Celeste alternatives with plenty of collectibles to gather up, too. These are optional, but like Celeste’s strawberries, they are an extra challenge and can add even more depth to the game.

The game’s story is just the backdrop though. To actually progress through the game, you’re going to need to face the challenging platforming elements. The End is Nigh has tight controls that emphasize skill. This is a great pick from the list of games like Celeste if you’re a fan of challenging gameplay and immersive stories.

Jump King

Games like Celeste

Jump King is a title with a simple premise, but one it executes very well. As the name implies, Jump King is (surprisingly) just about jumping. 

You are essentially just climbing upwards in this game. There is a tower and you have to make your way to the top. It sounds simple but it’s an impressive game and a lot of fun to play through. On the way up, there are a lot of different uniquely designed areas.

This is a similar concept to Celeste’s mountain climbing, with the basic structure to ascend upwards being the base for different areas.

Jump King focuses on pure platforming mechanics. You don’t have a lot of different options other than to jump. The level design manages to do a lot with such a simple idea though.

The difficulty here is similar to Celeste. It can be challenging and rewarding, but it’s possible to play it safer if you want to. When you miss a jump, you will fall back down, but with the entire thing being one long climb, you’ll only fall back to an area you’ve seen before.

The art style and music here add a lot and help to make Jump King a memorable experience.

The game doesn’t focus on a particular story or much character development. If you enjoyed Celeste and want to play something that offers a simple but challenging platforming experience, this will be one of the best picks for you.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest - Games Like Celeste
Microsoft Studios

Ori and the Blind Forest is an indie game that many call one of the best adventure titles on Xbox. If you’re looking for games similar to Celeste, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Ori is a title with a truly beautiful visual style. While it’s a 2D game, the environments have a level of care put in that makes each level feel incredibly lifelike and animated. It’s set in a forest with a cast of charming creatures and spirits.

The story is simple. You play through as Ori, an orphan who has been taken in by the forest. The forest is dying, so Ori teams up with a guardian spirit to try and save his home. 

This game is more approachable than some others in this list and is a good pick for games like Celeste that offer a lighter level of difficulty. You can still play the game in more demanding modes in the full definitive edition, though.

Ori and the Blind Forest has an emphasis on platforming, but the story and environments are truly engaging. This is one of the most beautiful games on this list.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends - Games Like Celeste

Considering that this comes from a much older franchise, it is surprising just how fresh and innovative Rayman Legends feels. It’s a game that’s been kicking around for a while, but it’s a testament to its quality that it’s still talked about as one of the best platformers.

There is a lot of depth to the mechanics in this title. Players can focus on challenges and try to get all collectibles if they want a rewarding play through.

The world of Rayman has never been as lively as it is in Legends. The worlds have unique designs that bring things to life, and the flat art style really pops in the more creative levels.

It’s one of the best PC games to play with a partner, as the co-op options are a lot of fun.

One of the highlights in Rayman Legends is the ‘musical’ levels. In these, you have to time your moves and actions with the music in the game. This is a unique type of platforming and it’s something that makes the title something special.

This is one of the older games like Celeste, but it’s still a treat to play through if you’re a fan of colorful, quirky platformer games.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight - Games Like Celeste
Team Cherry

Hollow Knight is another game that isn’t the quite same genre as Celeste but is still close enough in mechanics and style to be a decent alternative. The game is renowned for its difficulty, but you can get through most of it casually if you just want to experience the game.

Hollow Knight has you exploring a forgotten world that’s been taken over by a disease. You have to explore all of the locations, getting new abilities as you learn more about the world around you and the obstacles in your path.

Visually, this game is very distinctive. It has a simple art style and it works well to show off the creative world in the game.

What’s special about Hollow Knight is its hidden depth. The controls and moves you have available seem simple at first, but they unravel over time to become complex. Every mechanic that comes up in the game becomes incredibly useful, and you’ll need to master them.


Owlboy - Games Like Celeste
D-Pas Studios

Owlboy is another Metroidvania game that’s reminiscent of Celeste. While it has unlockable abilities as you progress, the platforming here is a big factor and Celeste fans are sure to find a lot of fun and challenge in it.

This game has a story that focuses on a young Owl called Otus. After pirates ransack his village, he has to journey out into the world. From there, Otus will discover more about the world he lives in and about owls, too.

There’s a lot to explore in this game but you’ll need sharp platforming skills to get through it all. The game has a focus on character and story which improves the experience considerably. If you’ve enjoyed those aspects of Celeste, this is a good game to pick up next.

Owlboy also features a pixel art style that’s similar to Celeste. The art of this world and the subtlety of the soundtrack is a real highlight.

While Owlboy doesn’t quite have the same platforming difficulty level as other games like Celeste, it is still an engrossing game and worth your time to pick up today.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero - Games Like Celeste
Devolver Digital

Katana Zero is an indie title with unique gameplay and an interesting art style. On top of that, it has a truly engrossing storyline.

In this game, you play as an assassin with unique abilities. You can slow down time and have some foresight into the future. You use these abilities to progress through the game’s seemingly impossible to clear levels. There’s a real difficulty curve here, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Along with combat skills and a katana, you’ll need to work through the levels. As an assassin, you’re outgunned due to only being armed with a sword. You’ll need to try and progress without taking any damage. You can only really take one hit before death!

Resets aren’t particularly time-consuming, though. It’s all about learning how to progress through error, which is a mechanic that games like Celeste have pushed a long way.

Katana Zero is enhanced by its visuals. The pixel art manages to convey a lot of personality. The soundtrack to this game definitely has a few fans. It’s inspired by synthwave music, which is a perfect match for the visual style.

While the gameplay might be difficult, the game isn’t just a mechanically challenging title. There’s a decent story here and some characters you’ll become invested in.


Games like Celeste

Undertale is one of the weirdest and most impressive games in recent years. It has the most in common with Earthbound, but it’s a truly unique experience from front to back. On the surface, you have an RPG with a heavy focus on story. However, there’s so much more to it.

Undertale is famous for giving the players a lot of choice in how they want to play.

Players can decide what combat they want to engage in, it’s even possible to get through the whole game without a single fight. If you choose to try and turn every enemy to your side, you’re rewarded by getting to know every character in the story.

Undertale is a truly unique game. At times it even pushes the boundaries of what can be done in video game narratives. If you’re a fan of Celeste’s approach to storytelling along with fun gameplay, Undertale is an experience you’re bound to enjoy. 

While Undertale isn’t a platformer or even a Metroidvania game, it still manages to be a great pick for those looking for story-driven, indie games like Celeste. It doesn’t offer the same mechanics or gameplay necessarily, but it offers the same atmosphere, narrative style, and loveable characters that Celeste fans will enjoy.

Super Meat Boy

Games like Celeste
Team Meat

Super Meat Boy is one of the most well-known indie games on the PC and for good reason. If you’re looking for platformer challenges like Celeste, this is the one for you.

This is another title from the developer of The End is Nigh and it’s arguably the game he’s more well-known for.

Meat Boy is a difficult platformer, one that pushes that term as far as it can go. The title features a lot of levels and each one is a short but solid platforming challenge. Completing this game in its entirety is a challenge in itself.

In terms of story, it doesn’t quite match up to Celeste. This is a game with a clear focus on gameplay. It has a Mario style rescue-the-girl plot, but it’s not without its charms. 

The levels in Meat Boy feature start points after pretty much every challenge. This isn’t because the game likes to hold your hand, but this is the bare minimum needed to prevent keyboards and controllers from getting smashed! It can be a maddening game at times.

The title has some of the tightest and most creative platforming action in gaming. The game can be grueling in places. Although, its world design often allows the trickier challenges to be completed later once you’ve mastered the mechanics fully.

Super Meat Boy’s visual style isn’t the same pixel art as Celeste, but its style still has some appeal. It takes the gore at its premise and manages to create a cast of genuinely cute characters, despite basically being walking wounds.

Super Meat Boy is a great pick for any platformer fan. It’s a game like Celeste that’s worthy of your time if you’re looking for a challenging platformer. It’s one of the best platformers on PC, too.