Amazon’s much-anticipated MMORPG, New World, took the world by storm. It delivered a unique experience, blending survival elements with the typical MMORPG formula to create a rich and addictive style of play.

Despite its high-fantasy setting, New World was unique as it only offered humans as a playable race. The game was also void of any class system, instead, getting you to align with different in-game factions.

This open-ended gameplay and massive world to explore is why the game started off with so much success. On top of that, the lite-PvP and crafting system is incredible. It’s a truly unique addition to the world of MMO games.

Whether you loved New World’s sandbox element, or heart-racing action-combat systems, we have a title to recommend you. Here are 8 MMO games like New World that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Gloria Victis

Available on PC.

gloria victis nw

This lesser-known MMORPG is the perfect alternative if you want to find more MMO games like New World. It offers a deep, living sandbox to explore set in a low-fantasy medieval open world.

Coming from New World, you’ll absolutely find the non-target combat in this game a delight. It’s similar to titles like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with proper blocking and directional attack systems.

Similarly, Gloria Victis also features a player-driven economy. The market is entirely run by the players actually in the game, which helps the immersion factor and feeling like a living world.

While this game is lighter on the fantasy elements, you’ll find familiarity in the cozy medieval aesthetic.

It also offers plenty to love for those who were fans of New World’s PvP-heavy features. From massive wars to territory battles, you can create and join clans to battle for land. On top of that, it also shares a similar classless system—you can fight with any weapon or gear. No limits.

The game is absolutely incredible to live out your medieval fantasies. The weapon arsenal is huge, from bows to swords, spears, lances, and even halberds.

Don’t worry, for those who love “life skilling”, this MMO offers options for those players, too. There are full-fledged crafting systems, and you can even build your own farms. There is also a freebuilding system for castles and guilds. Not only can you reinforce your structures, but you can even choose the layout and express your creativity.

Albion Online

Available on PC, Android, and iOS.

Games like New World

This isometric, RuneScape-looking title might be a huge change to New World’s gameplay, but it’s worth checking out. Albion Online is one of the few other low-fantasy medieval MMOs on the market.

The game’s biggest draw is its ‘single-shard’ world. Everyone plays on the one server, which gives a strong sense of community. Albion is kind of like New World blended with EvE Online.

You’ll find heavy PvP features, and everything in the game is completely player-run. Players make every item and gear, and the market is player-run. This is where it shines. Every town and area also has its own prices, so you can even play the market, buying low in one town and then selling high in another.

For people who wanted more from New World’s sandbox features, this is the perfect MMO to jump into. The game’s take on action combat is also engaging and fast-paced.

It draws from popular titles such as League of Legends for a MOBA-style combat system. It’s also classless, so you’re free to combine weapons and armor however you see fit.

For fans of PvE, there is content for you too. The game features your typical raids and dungeons to complete as well.

The game also goes extremely hard on ‘life skilling’. It’s an integral part of the game and economy. You could focus entirely on that if you want to. Activities like crafting and farming have their own, full-fledged skill trees. This is a great pick for fans of games like New World who want to try out something a little different.

Mortal Online 2

Available on PC.

mortal online 2 nw

Just look at the screenshot, this is the perfect game like New World to jump into. Mortal Online 2 offers an open fantasy world that rivals Amazon’s titular MMO, and it goes harder on the PvP aspect.

Where New World decides to back off on being a full-blown hardcore PvP title, is where Mortal Online stands tall. The game offers a full-loot PvP system, and a massive sandbox world to adventure in.

Ever wanted to just freely build in New World? Because you can here. There’s no need to mess about with plot/half-baked housing systems. You can just start building a castle with your clan members.

The best part? Everything in New World is player-driven. The very gear you’ll be battling with? All player-crafted. This adds more meaning to other systems like crafting and farming. It keeps the economy running.

There is also a deep character creation system, where even the race makes a difference. You can even blend your character’s bloodline. There’s also deep skill/ability and spell systems to master.

The combat in Mortal Online 2 also feels like a more polished version of New World’s systems. It’s completely skill and action-based, with a proper physical hit detection implemented. It’s one of the most adrenaline-pumping battles I’ve ever experienced.

The game offers plenty for both solo players and people who prefer to play in groups. If free base-building and PvP sounds promising, you should also read our Conan Exiles list for similar recommendations.

(Old School) RuneScape

Available on PC, Android, and iOS.

oldschool runescape nw

If you’re looking for more farming-filled MMORPGs to grind in, you can’t go wrong with Old School RuneScape or its modern version. They’re also both available on mobile, so you can play on the go.

Old School RuneScape is a fantasy for anyone that loves ‘life skilling’. If your favorite part of New World was the medieval setting and doing side-activities like crafting, this game is perfect.

From fishing to mining, the game is full of life skills to level up. You could invest hundreds of hours just crafting and leveling them up. It also has light sandbox elements, and a player-run market.

That’s not the only aspect where this game pulls through. There are over 140 quests to play through, and some feature the best writing in MMORPG history.

What’s more to be said about Old School RuneScape? It’s been going strong since 2007 for a reason! However, if you want a more modern rendition, you can just play “RuneScape”.

Modern RuneScape offers gameplay more in-line with other traditional MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. It has a heavily stylized cartoon aesthetic, which is vibrant.

It goes heavier on including traditional MMORPG gameplay, with dungeons and raids to explore. There are also just as many skills and life-related activities as its Old School counterpart.

Whether you’re jumping into the Classic 2007 RuneScape or the modern experience, both are great if you want games like New World. They both blend RPG elements with sandbox gameplay well.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Available on PC.

lord of the rings online nw

Whether you’re a fantasy or RPG fan, who doesn’t love Lord of the Rings? Tolkien’s famous franchise set the foundation for modern fantasy, and its influence is everywhere—including New World.

While some of Lord of the Rings Online’s systems may be outdated compared to other modern MMOs, the game’s world and lore can’t be beat. It translates the world of Middle Earth so well to a game format.

From the depths of the Mines of Moria to the beautiful fields of the Shire, there is plenty for a Middle Earth-nut to love. Any fans of New World’s lore and setting will be swept away by this game.

Where New World lacks in terms of questing and story, is where Lord of the Rings Online picks up the slack. It recreates Tolkien’s beloved world masterfully, and is immediately immersive.

Are you a solo player? That’s okay. You can create AI partners to play through the game’s content with, or you can group up and adventure with friends. It also has an expansive character creator system.

From high elves to dwarves and every race in-between, this game is a Lord of the Rings fan fantasy come true. It’s one of the best fantasy games on Steam, hands down.

The game’s user interface is hard to get a hang of at first, however, there’s a rich world to explore underneath. The combat is much slower compared to New World, too, but it’s worth learning.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

elder scrolls online nw

Searching for more games like New World? The Elder Scrolls Online is your best bet.

When Amazon’s new MMORPG first launched, it was immediately compared to this game.From the action-combat systems to the visuals and lite-PvP elements, people drew comparisons left and right. While ESO’s graphics aren’t as flashy as New World’s, it does have it beat in other areas.

New World’s lore isn’t nearly as fleshed out. This game has the entire world building premise of The Elder Scrolls series behind it. Arguably, this game has the deepest lore out of the MMORPG genre.

It also takes the term ‘theme park’ seriously. The game perfects the formula, offering the entire Elder Scrolls universe at your fingertips, and delivers on a Skyrim-like multiplayer experience.

It’s also the perfect game to play with friends. It offers a level scaling feature that is one of a kind in the genre. Whether you’re a level 50 with a level 10, you can take on content with friends and get EXP/loot tailored to your level.

The biggest change coming from New World will be Elder Scrolls Online’s character creation and class systems. ESO isn’t completely class-less, however, it still has a free form system.

It has over 4 classes to choose from, and you can use any combination of weapon/armor. However, each class does have three unique skill trees tied to them.

The best part of ESO is the exploring and questing. The game is a true open world experience, you can travel anywhere and take on any mission. There are no level restrictions to hold you back.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Available on PC.

dungeons and dragons online nw

Why not go back to the franchise that inspired nearly every RPG out there? The iconic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game received an MMORPG adaptation back in 2006 that still holds up well today.

The game is still getting new content updates regularly, and is perfect for any classic RPG fan. It features gameplay based on the original Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 format, providing an authentic experience.

From the character building to the questing process, you’ll find it all screams the 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons edition. There are over 15 races and over 12 different classes to choose from!

If you wanted deep character customization and the richest RPG experience the genre has to offer, this game won’t disappoint. It might not be as shiny and have New World’s graphic fidelity, but it makes up for it.

The combat is also engaging and played in real-time. You’ll also find a range of fan-favorite D&D monsters to battle against, solo or with friends. From the Stranger Things-famous Mindflayer to the Beholder.

While it might not have the sandbox features New World offers, it has years worth of content to explore. The range of build variety in this game is also insane, it offers more playstyle options than any other MMO.

The content in this game is more than just mindless killing, too. Dungeons are full with other activities, like puzzles to solve and even secret doors to discover.

Aardwolf MUD

Available on PC, Android, and iOS.

aardwolf mud client

Ever heard of a MUD? Multi-user dungeon – they’re the precursor that led to the MMORPG genre. They’re basically the MMO-equivalent of text adventures, and they’re still played today.

While it isn’t as shiny as the other games like New World listed, this RPG MUD is worth your attention. Best of all, Aardwolf is completely free-to-play and multi-platform.

The game has been running for over 20 years, which is a testament to the rich RPG experience it delivers. It has a deep character creation system, with over 20 classes and a range of diverse races.

Aardwolf is also easy to jump into, with a proper client you can download. No need to install an old-school Telnet program. It’s also got a welcoming community and help chat for new players.

If you love the satisfaction of exploring and discovering secrets in MMORPGs, this game is perfect. There are so many hidden away areas, and rewarding treasures to find.

The user interface is also customizable, so you can tailor it to suit your preferences. It’s also jam-packed with content for both solo players and groups.

There are hundreds of quests to solve, puzzles to play through, and even form clans. The game’s world is also massive, made up of multiple continents with real geography.