Dead by Daylight’s take on an asymmetric survival horror game caught all the horror aficionado’s attention.

The game’s simplicity makes it easy to pick up for everyone. After learning the mechanics of the game, you will be surprised there is another level of depth in the gameplay if you want to be competitive.

What makes Dead by Daylight amazing is that it can cater to both casual and hardcore players. For the casual players, the game gets your heart pumping as you get chased by a serial killer while you try to escape.

For veteran players, you try to remain as calm as possible and help your whole team successfully escape to climb the ranks – not to mention that you can also climb the ranks as the killer.

In this list, we have a total of 12 games like Dead by Daylight you can try out. The games are listed in no particular order, so go through each game on the list and find which game intrigues you the most.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
Genre:Survival Horror
Release Date:May 26, 2017
Find at:PlayStation Store, My Nintendo Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical Multiplayer
Average Playthrough:6 hours

Friday the 13th is a survival horror game that can be played with up to 8 players. There will be one player who will be Jason, while the rest are counselors of Camp Crystal Lake.

Your character will be completely random in the game. You can choose your preference before you start the game, but this isn’t guaranteed.

The objective of the game is simple: escape before time runs out. There are a lot of ways to escape in the game, and it’s entirely up to you. You can choose to escape using a car or call Tommy Jarvis.

Friday the 13th, fans know him as Jason’s nemesis. The good part about this is that the killer has no idea which escapes method you will choose, making it a guessing game between Jason and the counselors.

Finding items is part of your goal, as these will be needed to survive. To escape via car, you must search the camp for gasoline, keys, and a car battery.

This will be a challenge since you have Jason, with his super sense ability opposing you. He can teleport anywhere near you as long as he senses you.

Just like in Dead by Daylight, music plays a big role in the game. This is how you know that the killer is near you. Both games also have very gruesome death scenes. Make sure to be very careful, or you’ll be the next victim.

If you also find games like Alien Isolation (first-person horror) fun, you might like this game as you can be the killer in these situations instead of being the one hunted.

Identity V

Identity V
Genre:Survival Horror
Developers:NetEase Games
Release Date:July 5, 2018
Find at:IdentityVgame
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical Multiplayer

Of all the games, Identity V is the game that is most similar to Dead by Daylight. It is a multiplayer survival horror game where there are four survivors and one hunter.

The game started as a mobile game, but you can also play it on PC.

The main objective of the survivors is to decode a total of 5 cipher machines and escape from the manor without getting captured by the hunter.

Here, instead of getting hooked, survivors are placed on rocket chairs. Survivors also have two chances to get untied from the rocket chair. On the third try, they are defeated.

Survivors win the game if at least three are able to escape. If two players escapes and two players get caught, the game ends in a tie.

Some skill-check mechanics come with decoding cipher machines and can be challenging to players who are not good with timing and coordination.

This game also has crows to guide the hunter to the location of the survivors. The final survivor will trigger more crows than usual, giving out their location to the killer.

Identity V has a lot of collaborations, just like Dead by Daylight. Identity V brings its Tim Burton-esque gothic-style animation to the table, which is a delight to fans alike.


Genre:Horror, First-Person Shooter
Developers:World Makers
Release Date:March 3, 2017
Find at:Steam

Deceit is a survival game that can be played with up to 6 players, with one of them as the Infected while the rest are Innocents.

You don’t get to choose which role you get, and you just spawn randomly. With the lights on, the Infected will look like one of the Innocents. However, during a blackout, they can transform into blood-sucking monsters.

As an Innocent, your goal is to find the exit and escape. You will have to go through three different areas. In each area, a blackout will occur.

During blackouts, Innocents must look for fuses and put them into the fuse box to restore power. After power has been restored, you can move on to the next area, where the process happens again. On the third blackout, powering the fuse box gives you a way to escape the place.

As an Infected, you must prevent all Innocents from escaping, even if it means attacking them and taking them out.

Aside from this, you will have to drink from the blood bags that are scattered all throughout the map. You have to be very careful not to get discovered by one of the Innocent since you can get voted out of the game, automatically making you lose.

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor
Genre:Stealth, Survival Horror
Developers:Dynamic Pixels
Release Date:November 8, 2017
Find at:PlayStation Store, My Nintendo Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and Amazon
Multiplayer:Online Coop, Online PvP

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game that can be played with up to 6 players. The game takes place in the same universe as Hello Neighbor, making it a pleasure for fans of the game.

In this game, you are kids who are trying to unlock your neighbor’s basement and unmask the secret neighbor. The twist here is that the neighbor is disguised as one of you.

As a kid, your goal is to find keys to open the door to your neighbor’s basement. Before this can be done, you must roam around the house to find key cards. These allow you to open more doors in the house and eventually find keys.

Just like in Dead by Daylight, you have methods to slow down the neighbor. Instead of putting down a pallet, you can use a chair and place it on the door to prevent the neighbor from coming in.

You can also peep into keyholes to make sure that the coast is clear, just like how you’re peeping through lockers.

The neighbor wins the game once he catches all kids before they unlock the basement. He can also win the game once the timer goes out. This makes it very nerve-wracking as you’re playing with time, but all in all, a very fun game to play with friends.

In Silence

In Silence
Genre:Horror, Stealt
Developers:Ravenhood Games
Release Date:October 29, 2021
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Online Co-op
Average Playthrough:23 hours

In Silence is a survival horror game that can be played with up to 7 friends, with one of you being the Rake who hunts other survivors.

Your car broke down, and you find yourself stranded in a dark, strange place. You will have to search for items that can help fix your car to eventually get out of the place. The only problem is that you have the Rake nearby, who listens to your every move.

As the Rake, your job is to hunt all survivors. The only problem here is that you are blind. Your sight only increases as the sound signal gets higher. It will be hard to be on the lookout initially, especially when survivors are stealthy and quiet.

Items like a flashbang can drive the Rake away. You can also use rocks as a distraction, just like the Diversion perk of Adam Francis in Dead by Daylight.

The game has a close proximity voice chat feature that allows you to communicate with your fellow survivors easily. Make sure not to talk too much, as this will give your location away to the Rake. He might just give you a jumpscare.

Video Horror Society

Video Horror Society
Genre:Action, Adventure
Developers:Hellbent Games
Release Date:July 18, 2022
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical PvP

Video Horror Society or VHS is a 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical horror game you can play with your friends. You are a group of four teens going against 1 monster. The only way to win the game is to defeat the monster. Before that, you must craft weapons and damage the monster a total of 4 times.

Instead of repairing generators, here, you will have to look for crafting stations across the map and perform skill checks before you can successfully craft weapons.

You will have to craft 4 different weapons that will burn, shock, curse, and purify the monster. Of course, while doing this, you have a monster chasing after you.

As a monster, your task is to hunt down all teens. Once everyone is downed or killed, you win the game. You have a rage meter, and it increases every time you attack a teen.

When this is full, you will become enraged, making it easier to down a player and eventually eliminate him/her.

Just like Dead by Daylight, you can upgrade perks and bring weapons to the game. Just make sure that you make enough upgrades before you start the match so that you can win the game.

Under Lock

Under Lock
Release Date:January 12, 2021
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical PvP

Under Lock is another 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical horror game. This time, you are trapped in an extremely dark place. Your goal is to look for keys to escape the place.

The challenge here is that not all doors are unlocked. Some doors will have a clue on them that points you toward the designated key for them.

While you are in the search, a monster will be chasing after you. Just like in Dead by Daylight, when you hear suspenseful music playing, this is your cue to run. Aside from that, you will notice that your flashlight is flickering.

In this game, you get exhausted from running too much. Make sure that when you do run, it’s because of the monster. If you are just looking around for keys, we suggest that you just walk to save your breath for the crucial moments.

If playing on PC isn’t intense enough, you can actually play this game in VR. This will make the experience as realistic as it can get.

White Noise 2

White Noise 2
Developers:Milkstone Studios
Release Date:April 7, 2017
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical PvP

White Noise 2 is an asymmetrical horror game where you can either play as an investigator or as The Creature.

As an investigator, you must find 8 clues around the map to summon The Artifact and close this. Just like in Dead by Daylight, each investigator has a perk that is unique to them.

As The Creature, you must do everything to prevent the investigators from destroying The Artifact, as this is the thing that connects you to their world.

Investigators each have their own flashlights, which can be used against The Creature. It’s the same as Dead by Daylight in the sense that directing your flashlight to The Creature stuns it.

The difference is that here, he gets banished and respawns in an entirely different location.
Sanity plays a very important role in the game. Once an investigator’s sanity decreases gradually, he/she will be stunned, making the investigator vulnerable to The Creature.

Simple things such as running can help decrease your sanity level. Staring at The Creature for too long can also decrease your sanity. You must be very careful with your actions as these can endanger you.

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead
Genre:Survival Horror
Developers:Saber Interactive
Release Date:May 13, 2022
Find at:PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and Amazon
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical PvP

Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical horror game based on the Evil Dead franchise. If you are a fan, you may want to check this game out. Here, you can play as a survivor or a Kandarian demon.

As a survivor, your goal is to perform a ritual to banish the demon. This will require you to perform objectives such as collecting the lost pages of the Necronomicon and finding the Kandarian Dagger.

You can also find weapons around the map to defend yourself from the demon. All these objectives seem easy but remember that the demon can do more than chase you.

As the Kandarian demon, your job is to prevent the survivors from banishing you. You have two ways to do this: you can either eliminate each survivor or destroy the book once they have found all pages.

Not only this, but you have the ability to sabotage players with your power. You have the power to possess things or even survivors for a limited amount of time which you can use to your advantage. You can also crash the vehicle they are using so that they don’t have a choice but to walk on foot.

Fans of Dead by Daylight will surely enjoy this game as it has similar mechanics and gameplay style. At the end of the day, it’s a game of hide and seek between you and the demon.


Genre:Horror, First-Person Shooter
Developers:Digital Confectioners
Release Date:November 3, 2014
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Online PvP
Average Playthrough:60 hours

Depth is a PvP game where you have two sharks going against four divers. It’s up to you which role you choose.

As a diver, your goal is to protect a robot named S.T.E.V.E. while it is opening vaults with treasure chests across the map and to get back to the boat safely.

There are a total of three vaults on each map. The treasure must be given to S.T.E.V.E. so that you gain an equivalent amount of gold, which is equally divided among players. While this is being done, you have sharks swimming around, waiting to eat you.

As a shark, you must destroy the robot or eat all the divers. Either one of these actions can win you the game. Sharks have their own abilities and upgrades, giving them the fair fight that they need.

When a diver gets attacked by a shark, the diver loses all treasures on hand. It is a must to defend oneself from the horrible shark bites with weapons that can be bought with the gold you earn from opening chests.

Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance
Genre:Action, Horror, Third-Person Shooter
Release Date:April 3, 2020
Find at:PlayStation Store, My Nintendo Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and Amazon
Multiplayer:Asymmetrical PvP

Resident Evil Resistance is a survival horror game with four survivors playing against a mastermind. This took place before the destruction of Racoon City in 1998.

Basically, the survivors are lab rats of Umbrella Corporation as they are forced to go against masterminds who are equipped with items to stop each and every one of them.

Survivors are able to secure weapons all around the map to defend themselves from the traps that the mastermind has set for them.

The mastermind can summon zombies to damage survivors or set up explosives. The mastermind can even control zombies directly so that their movements will be deemed unpredictable.

Time is very important in the game. You start the game with a 5-minute timer. Your actions can either add or subtract time.

For example, if you get downed and revived, the overall time decreases. When you make progress, the timer will increase. When the timer goes to 0, the game enters overtime. When overtime ends, the mastermind wins while the survivors lose the game.

Overall, this is a great zombie game for fans of the Resident Evil franchise. It gives a different feel which might be just what fans need. Some even compare this game to games like Left 4 Dead because of how the multiplayer mode is played.


Developers:Shawn Hitchcock
Release Date:February 22, 2019
Find at:Steam
Multiplayer:Online PvP
Average Playthrough:2 hours

Pacify is a horror game that can be played with up to 4 players. You and your friends will be inside a haunted house, running from a little girl named Emilia.

This girl is no ordinary kid. While you try to follow her, everything will seem normal, but she can switch to being evil and chasing everyone around the house.

Just like Dead by Daylight, there are tasks that must be performed before you win the game. You will have to look for matches, wood sticks, marked dolls, and pieces of paper with information on how to pacify Emilia.

Once you are able to burn the marked dolls, you can defeat Emilia and eventually succeed.

In this game, instead of using a flashlight to save your friend, you can use a doll instead. When you hand Emilia a doll before she completely catches your friend, she will stop attacking.

Teamwork and coordination are very important as you get handicapped once one of you gets caught by Emilia.

The difficult part here is that Emilia is completely unpredictable. You never know where she might be, so you will always have to be on the lookout for her.