The 10 Best Games Like Fire Emblem

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A lost young monarch in a quest to avenge their usurped kingdom in the hunger for power by a tyrannous reign of a neighboring power; the evolution of a vanquisher of all evil; or the journey to aid a little girl, turned ferocious dragon by the power of a stone, to avenge dragonkin or defeat the lurking shadows manipulating these formidable beasts — Fire emblem is an RPG euphoria in a league of its own.

Whether it is the turn-based battle system that will have you rethink every move to secure an advantageous position, or the loss of the life of a well-beloved unit via the permadeath system.

It could be just the simple yet compelling support system that allows you to get to know every character ranging from their backstories to an imminent romantic ending through the traditional adjacent placement in battle or the fancy tea party, the franchise created a magnificent experience that spawned a solid fanbase.

Peripheral in the Fire Emblem experience is the tactics required in moving your units in squares, much like a chess game, only that the pieces are animated and wield different kinds of weapons and magic that interact by the so-called weapon triangle. Outside battle, each character has a story to offer, and a motivation weaved into the fabric of the all-out war which they are threshed into.

The last entry in the Fire Emblem was both critically acclaimed and a commercial success. Thanks to its exquisite writing, convincing voice acting, and a faithful homage to its Fire Emblem roots while still introducing innovations, Three Houses left all fans and casual players alike asking for more. 

While we wait for the end of the time-lapse between Three Houses and the new entry to the Fire Emblem series, here are the 10 Best Games like Fire Emblem:

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Kicking off this list of 10 best games like Fire Emblem is the future of turn-based RPG: Divinity: Original Sin 2. Not only did the game perfect the intricacies of a turn-based gameplay system, but it also introduced distinctive elements that catapult the genre into heights yet unknown to this class of games.

Similar to Fire Emblem, the positioning of units is critical in deciding the tides of battle. Divinity: Original Sin 2 features factors that would make the tactical position of characters even more elemental by introducing height or elevation, which would affect the accuracy of attacks, range, and additional damage. 

Furthermore, scanning the environment before the battle would prove to be beneficial as a mere puddle can electrocute anyone standing thereon with a little spark, and poison on the ground can cause an explosion if triggered by fire.

Finally, there are so much more combinations of elemental spells or weapons against the dynamic environment of the game, making the positioning of units a make-or-break strategy.

Experimenting in battle is made less intimidating as a little trip would not mean losing your character permanently like in Fire Emblem, but it does mean spending some hard-earned coins for revival scrolls or spell and relocating the body of the fallen character. So yes, unlike the first Divinity Game, fainted characters no longer follow you like a creeping coffin wherever you go; you have to find their fallen bodies. 

Permadeath would not entirely make sense in the game as each character has its arc to be fulfilled interwoven with the other characters and the main storyline. However, Divinity is still a top-tier player in the RPG storyline delivery like a Fire Emblem game.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and PC.

YaRrr! Sailing to this list of 10 best games like Fire Emblem is Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It is the sequel to the first entry in the series following the defeat of Thaos ix Arkannon and the chronological continuation of the decisions you made in the first game.

Likened to the previous entry in the list, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire highlights the importance of tactics in creating the most advantageous formation for your team as well as placing your heroes in the right spot as there is no friendly fire in the game. 

A fireball meant to obliterate your foes might also damage your party members if they are positioned disadvantageously. Friendly spells like healing as well as songs of a chanter would be more effective if the caster is adjacent to the needing ally or if they are placed in a cluster within the area of effect of the spell.

While not entirely a turn-based combat system, a pause can be made between battle and before it starts. This allows the player to plan ahead for the most strategic position of every hero as well as what abilities or spells would best fit the situation.

Heroes are allowed to pick a class that would synergize most with the other party members whose class you can also optimize creatively for a mix-and-match team. Introduced herein is the multi-class option, which is not advised for new players, where a character can combine two classes at once, like a Howler which is a combination of a Barbarian and a Chanter, or a Hierophant which is the lovechild of a Cipher and a Wizard. 

Wasteland 3

Available on macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Straying away from the medieval setting of the previous titles in this list of 10 best games like Fire Emblem is Wasteland 3. By straying away, I meant way too far in the future of Colorado as a post-apocalyptic frozen Badlands. 

You initially play as a duo ranger and build a squad of six in a quest mainly to survive the harsh conditions of the environment and the political turmoil that plagues Colorado. The game is meant to be played cooperatively by different players controlling each member of the duo.

Nevertheless, unveiling the secrets of the local power overseeing the State may be accomplished by a single player minus the disadvantage of independent decision-making done by each character provoking different groups of enemies.

This dialogue-heavy game like Disco Elysium is politically charged, with absurdist and dark humor for those who can stomach it.

The combat system is set on a grid that determines the movement of a squad member and their range. Movement and use of abilities are limited by action points and the armament of the unit. The bigger the gun, the more action points are required to move and fire at your enemies. 

Fret not; ability points can be improved by a point in the Coordination stat. Much like the Boots in Fire Emblem that increases permanently the movement of units leaving the enemies befuddled by how an Armored Knight can catch up to a Pegasus knight, allocating points in co-ordination stat means more fire from your Flamesaw cannon without crippling their movement and other possible actions in a single turn. 

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Available on the Game Boy Advance.

The Game Boy Advance system of Nintendo had an immense repertoire of turn-based strategy games. To be specific, it houses some of Fire Emblem’s gems, Sacred Stones. Outside the franchise but still in the GBA system is the Advance War series—a must have for every Gameboy player.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is the second installation in the series, which is a far cry of an improvement from its antecedent, tagged as one of the greatest video games of all time by critics. The pre-existing rift between Orange Star and Blue Moon is intensified by the inclusion of Yellow Comet and Green Earth when Andy, the starting commanding officer, allegedly attacked Yellow and Green Camp soldiers, prompting a massive war.

Akin to Fire Emblem gameplay is achieving the objectives of the current map, which is mainly to route the enemies by defeating all of them or seizing the square occupied by the enemy boss character, which in advanced wars is the headquarters to a throne in fire emblem. These similarities but differing interpretations make Advance Wars one of the 10 best games like Fire Emblem.

There are other objectives unique to certain maps, such as survival for a specific number of turns. I remember the anxiety of the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the fog of war, and enemy units appear in ambush when you take a misstep. Sometimes the best strategy is to stay still until the turn expires to survive.

Black Hole Rising adds a new Commanding Officer, each unique on its own with an ability that alters the effectivity of surrounding units. New characters with their own personality, strength, and weaknesses.

Octopath Traveler

Available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia.

Recall how Fire Emblem: Three Houses revolutionized its storytelling by presenting three distinct points of view of the all-out war that crippled the continent. The game utilized three main protagonists, each having their own path to take, eventually converging into one to reach the narrative’s finale.

Octopath Traveler shares a similar methodology but features eight playable protagonists, making it one of the best games like Fire Emblem. 

This magnificent “HD-2D” designed game offers eight protagonists situated in different areas of Orsterra where you begin each of their own unique journeys until their routes wreathe into one, which is when you can build a party from the eight heroes. 

What sets it apart is that all eight of the heroes are instrumental in the coherence of the story leading to its conclusion, which means that the other heroes you did not choose in the beginning need not die as an obstacle to your chosen’s plot. Each exposition of the characters is an imminent experience to seal the game’s narrative.

Battle-wise, turn-based combat transcends the rock-paper-scissors-like weapon triangle of Fire Emblem. It is not the equipment of the enemy that determines its weakness, as it is built by itself to have one. 

Exposing this weakness to a particular weapon type or an elemental attack would weaken the foe’s shielding capability and ultimately be stun once the shield counter is shattered. Boost point also adds a layer to the battle system by allowing more options in a single turn upon collection of sufficient boost points at every turn.

Telepath Tactics Liberated

Available on the Microsoft Windows.

If we’re talking about the best games like Fire Emblem, then it’s worth mentioning a game heavily inspired by the turn-based tactical RPG. Telepath Tactics Liberated is an upgrade of the original Telepath Tactics released way back in 2015, an indie strategy game set in a steampunk fantasy world.

Pave the way for the twin protagonists Emma and Sabrina Strider in their mission to emancipate their father from slavery. As you journey on you would meet several other characters to build your own battalion in achieving your goals on every mission.

What comes next after finishing a map may depend on the units you meet on the way who can offer you another mission to save and recruit another, increasing your ranks of valuable soldiers.

If the environment was a passive factor in Fire Emblem as they merely affect evasion, healing, and per turn damage, Telepath Tactics Liberated is more proactive with environmental hazards. With enough skills in psychics, you can push and pull an enemy to and from hazards. Oh what, the enemy fell off the bridge? Oopsie daisy.

The game is made difficult by the adaptation of permadeath; hence, the more units you recruit, the more chances of them falling behind the others making for disposable units to save one who’s more valuable in the long run. Thus, strategy in positioning your units is a must, or just push enemies off when they go near your flimsy characters.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions

Available on the PlayStation, iOS, and Android.

This list of 10 best games like Fire Emblem wouldn’t be complete without the poster child of the genre tactical RPG. Final Fantasy Tactics slows the pace of the typical Final Fantasy game, as the very first strategy role-playing game from the series, allowing more time to strategize and position your characters to secure your victory reminiscent of the Fire Emblem formula.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions is the modernized version of its 1997 predecessor Final Fantasy Tactics. The storyline remains, but it also sources out references from other Final Fantasy games. 

Set in the war-torn Kingdom of Ivalice, a historian seeks to revise the history of the land by enforcing his belief that it was Ramza Beoulve, the main protagonist of the game, who was the real hero of his time.

The job class system is central to the gameplay mechanic of the final fantasy title. From the twenty classes and jobs of the original is the addition of two more—Dark Knight, and Onion Knight (Yes, the cutesie Onion Knight garb makes a comeback from its introduction in Final Fantasy III). 

In addition, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions may be played with a friend through its Ad Hoc Mode. If you like to further your Onion Knight specialty, for your own preference, or merely for the meme, multiplayer is the way to acquire Onion Equipment. As they say, “Dress for the Job you want,” so grab that dainty Onion Helm via multiplayer. 

However, the multiplayer viability is available only on the PlayStation to the exclusion of mobile versions.


Available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems.

Flip through the pages of these best games like Fire Emblem and unravel this majestic beauty of procedurally-generated tactical RPG, Wildermyth. This indie game follows the story of simple farmers turning legendary heroes into writing myths of their own. 

Central to the Wildermyth experience is procedural generation, a technique that makes or breaks the best roguelike games. This concept offers several outcomes for each decision made in-game, meaning the story will vary depending on your decisions.

Wildermyth flows like a classic tabletop Dungeons and Dragon session with pop up aesthetic. You are the author of the stories of these nobodies to crafting their own personal legend that spans several generations.

If you’re into Fire Emblem’s medieval fantasy, but you’re only in it because it is secretly a dating simulator, Wildermyth also offers romance, or rivalry; if you’re into that hate-love situation options. Much like the support system of Fire Emblem, fighting together earns you relationship points with the heroes you ship. 

Factors like personality traits and in-game decisions would also affect how the relationship ends, whether in a union, a visit from the stork, or plainly at each other’s throat. Don’t worry, though, relationship effects are mainly positive in battle. The rivalry could even be a good thing as a stunt performed by rival boosts the stunt to be performed by the other. 

Still key to the battle mechanic is strategy and positioning your characters in a tactical grid-based combat map.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

If it was the tabletop isometric RPG campaign that made you a fan of Fire Emblem then this entry in the best games like Fire Emblem list might be the one for you. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is the sequel to Kingmaker and is the incarnate of a Dungeons and Dragons game made visually imaginative and a narratively epic. 

Banish demon lords who conquered Sarkoris and turned it into the infamous Worldwound. More ambitious is the objective of Wrath of the Righteous from its predecessor. From building a kingdom in Kingmaker to assembling a crusade, as commander, you are tasked to recruit armies and battalions to skirmish with the demonic descent. 

Fire emblem liberalized its class system by allowing any unit to be reclassed into what fits the player’s strategy. Yes, this means a noble can be reclassed into a dancer. Wrath of the Righteous eclipses Fire Emblem in this regard by letting the player pick among a multitude of classes and several more sub-classes.

Not only that, you can also combine classes like creating a flame dancer who is also of dragon descent evocative of Fire Emblem’s Manakete. 

Wrath of the Righteous filled in the gaps of Kingmaker, instead of wandering aimlessly in the open world forgetting that you have a kingdom to manage, Wrath of the Righteous’ Mythic Path system would lead you to a distinct legendary path to take. 

Pokemon Conquest

Available on Nintendo DS.

The experimental era of the Pokémon Franchise spawned unique entries in the series and even spinoffs, particularly Pokémon Conquest for the Nintendo DS. During the fifth generation of Pokémon, developers delved into serious themes, one which did not appeal to younger audiences but created a solid impact to mature ones.

This period explored the philosophy behind the use of these pocket monsters as mere tools for battle. Who would’ve thought that Pokémon would wander off its original formula and create a tactical turn-based RPG that capitalizes on that very dilemma of pocket monsters as tools for war.

Pokémon conquest’s plot is eponymous with the legend of the one who was fated to conquer all of the seventeen kingdoms of the region of Ransei, a region uniquely shaped as the Pokémon god itself which poetically aids the hero in uniting all of Ransei.

The gameplay is premised on a warrior with his own Pokémon partner with a single move dependent on the specie. The range, type, ability effects, and the hitboxes of the attack are unique to the chosen Pokémon.

Your partner’s move can also grow through the link that tethers the Pokémon with the warrior which also eventually leads to evolution. The warrior is not locked with one Pokémon only as he can form links with another Pokémon found in the wild.

This hidden gem rightfully seals this list of 10 Best Games like Fire emblem, as not only does it resemble elements of Fire Emblem with its turn based tactical gameplay, unit management, and strategic positioning of units all across distinct maps, but it unites two fandoms in a well-blended and unique conquest.


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