Yandere Simulator is a dark, stealth-based game which follows the story of Ayano Aishi and her obsession with her crush. It follows a typical yandere story, with plenty of violence, kidnapping, and gory scenarios.

If you’ve not heard the term yandere before, it’s a term used in anime, manga, and other fiction that refers to a character who becomes obsessed with a love interest and will go out of their way to harm anyone who appears to be taking the love interest away from them.

In the game, you play as Ayano and have to eliminate potential love rivals through graphic and intense means. While doing this, you’ll need to keep up an innocent appearance.

It’s a unique and twisted game, and if you enjoyed it, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty more titles like it.

Here are 6 games like Yandere Simulator to play today.

Saiko No Sutoka

saiko no sotuka

In Yandere Simulator, you take on the role of a yandere girl. In Saiko No Sutoka, you’re the victim of one.

Saiko No Sutoka is a survival horror video game that comes from the independent studio Habupain. It is available for macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android.

In Saiko No Sutoka, the player must survive after being abducted by a yandere girl. The girl, named Saiko Chan, is a serial killer who is controlled by AI. There are two different modes the AI will switch between throughout the game.

The first mode is yandere and doesn’t involve direct hostile behavior toward you. In this mode, the Saiko will display both playful and scary behavior. She will slow you down and try to prevent you from escaping.

The second mode is called yangire and features very hostile behavior. When Saiko is in this state, she will hurt you and attempt to kill you. However, when she does enough damage she’ll go back to the yandere mode.

Saiko traps you in the school and your ultimate goal is to escape her. You can do this by collecting numbers as you progress through the game so that you can open the safe with the exit door key.

The gameplay in Saiko No Sutoka is very exciting and will keep you on your toes. It’s also quite challenging, as the intelligent AI will often outsmart you in different ways. This is one of the most engaging games like Yandere Simulator by a mile.



Lucius is a psychological horror stealth game that came out in 2012. The game comes from the team at Finnish independent studio Shiver Games and it spawned two sequels. The game features a single-player mode and is available only for Windows.

You play Lucius, a young boy who was a normal child until his sixth birthday. It was then that his true purpose comes to light. When you start the game you learn that Lucius was born on June 6 in 1966. His mother gave birth in room 666 at the St. Benedict Memorial Hospital.

On your sixth birthday, Lucifer comes to visit you to reveal he’s your real father. He gives you a task to murder everyone in your family. Lucifer also provides you with supernatural powers that make it easy for you to commit evil deeds.

With every person you kill in Lucius, your powers become stronger.

Throughout the game, you use powers like mind control and telekinesis to take out family members one by one. Your mission is to make all death seem like accidents. The gameplay is very entertaining and will occupy you for some time.

There are 18 different chapters in the game. In each member, you’ll kill one family member or someone from the staff at your parent’s manor.

There are many puzzles you’ll need to solve in Lucius, some of them being quite difficult. There are two possible endings in the game, which means there’s some decent replay value here.

Yandere School

yandere school

Yandere School is a video game that takes inspiration from Yandere Simulator. It was released for Windows in 2017 and there’s a version for Android devices that came out in 2021. It comes from the team at independent studio Tea and Cake Games.

This game follows a schoolgirl named Akari Furutaka who is too shy to confess her feelings to a boy she has a crush on.

You play as Akari, and your crush is Makio Sono. To make sure you can have him, you must kill anyone from the school who competes for Makio’s attention.

The entirety of the video game takes place in a high school. You will have many enemies that you’ll have to take out, from his arranged bride to an exchange student. At one point, even the school baseball team will stand in your way.

You can collect various weapons in the school that you can use to kill others.

The game features slow but entertaining gameplay. Aside from taking out students at your school, you’ll also have to make sure nobody saw you committing the act of crime. Players are required to hide traces of murders.

Although the gameplay is quite violent in this game, it’s not as extreme as in Yandere Simulator. Nonetheless, it provides a very interesting playing experience that’s incredibly similar to Yandere Simulator.

Crimson Gray

crimson gray

Crimson Gray is an underrated gem that comes from the team at Sierra Lee. It is a visual novel that came out in 2017 and features quite an interesting story involving a yandere girl. You can play Crimson Gray on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It’s worth looking up trigger warnings for this game, as there are some heavy topics.

The story follows two young people – John and Lizzie. John is a man who is losing his sense of purpose. He suffers from severe depression and starts giving up on life. When John is at his worst, he meets Lizzie.

In the beginning, Lizzie appears to be a very affectionate person. It’s soon revealed that her mental state is so severe that she’s ready to do anything to get what she wants. John notices this but continues to be by her side to help her become more mentally stable.

Meanwhile, Lizzie is in love with him and is prepared to murder anyone to make John happy.

Your choices in the game will heavily impact how the story evolves. Even subtle actions can change the fate of your characters by making certain decisions. Lizzie might ruin her chances or John might succumb to his depression. There are multiple endings to Crimson Gray.

The game is notable for tackling the subject of mental health problems in a very interesting way. The story will keep you on your toes during the duration of the whole game.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

doki doki literature club

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a legendary visual novel that Team Salvato made. The original version of the game came out in 2017. There’s also an expanded version that came out in 2021.

You can play the original on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The expanded version is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, macOS, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

If you have never heard of Doki Doki Literature Club! before, don’t let the charming graphics fool you. When you start playing the game, it appears to be an innocent dating simulator. As you start exploring the world, you will see that things aren’t what they appear to be.

We won’t spoil the story or plot twists, but know that this game is dark and full of heavy, often upsetting topics. Looking up trigger warnings for this game is a good idea.

The story follows the protagonist as he receives an invitation to join his high school’s literature club from a childhood friend. From there, the events that occur are quite disturbing. There are moments of tragic dialogue and violence. The game is notable for often breaking the fourth wall.

The decisions you make in the game will have an impact on the outcome.

One of the main gameplay elements in Doki Doki Literature Club! is a poem-writing minigame where you can choose your words to show interest in a specific girl in the club.

There are two different endings to the game, which will unravel based on your choices. This is one of the most interesting and disturbing games like Yandere Simulator.



Pacify is an action-adventure survival horror video game that comes from Shawn Hitchcock. It came out in 2019 and has since been often regarded as one of the scariest games to come out in recent years.

The game contains both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can play Pacify on macOS and Windows.

You take on the role of an employee at Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated. You start the job with a mission to investigate an old haunted house. From there, you experience everything but normal events.

The gameplay in Pacify contains both exploration and survival elements. Players need to run for their lives in the old spooky house that’s haunted by an evil little girl controlled by AI. As you make progress in the game, the AI will get faster and smarter.

You’ll need to utilize different strategies to leave the house. It’s also important to use items like wood, matches, and keys to avoid the girl.

There are three different modes in Pacify. The first is the standard single-player mode, which is extremely challenging. It’s a bit easier if you’re playing in co-op multiplayer that supports up to four players in total.

Then there’s also the PvP mode where many people are at the house competing for a full-time position at Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated. The person who does the most work gets the job.