10 Best Stealth Games on PS5

Best Stealth Games on PS5
Image credit: IO Interactive

The Stealth genre can challenge your patience, strategic thinking, and reflexes! It’s fun to go in all guns blazing, but sometimes sticking to the shadows is just more rewarding. Some of the best stealth games on PS5 push what the genre can do. The software library isn’t the widest for PS5 yet, but there’s already loads of high points for stealth here.

Stealth games go from AAA cinematic stories to more intimate experiences. There’s loads of diversity in titles to test your sneaking skills here. There are the top PS5 stealth games that are worth highlighting right now:

10. Yuoni

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Yuoni
Chorus Worldwide

Yuoni is a dangerous game of hide and seek. This is a horror title where you need to stay out of sight. Here, it’s better to avoid your demons entirely rather than face them head on. Horror titles are often good picks for stealth games but there are a few things that make Yuoni stand out. The setting is unique, with authentic Japanese environments to traverse. 

You play as a Japanese grade-schooler. Players will have to rely on stealth to survive in this world. A lot of the gameplay is based around hide and seek. As a horror game though it’s a notch above normal playground games.

The selling points for Yuoni are the creative horror elements along with the stealth. There are some problems with the title. If you’re looking for a less-conventional horror game though, this is one of the best stealth games on PS5. 

9. Deathloop

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Deathloop

Deathloop is an action game from Bethesda that surprised players with its openness. You can get through it like your Rambo, blasting everything in sight. Equally, you can take a stealth approach. In some areas, it’s the only way forward. 

This title rewards players who are willing to work out the best approach. That means using stealth to your advantage. The player character, Colt, is on the squishier side. You’ll need to master sneaking around if you want to succeed.

When you combine these mechanics with the unique time loop, you get something special. It’s one of the best FPS on PS5 at the moment too. It isn’t just about shooting though. You’ve got to use all your wits to sneak around the island and try to find a way to escape.  

Deathloop doesn’t have to be played stealthily the whole way through. It might be the more fun way to play though! Outside of the core gameplay, this game’s characters and setting adds a lot to the experience. Colt has infinite loops to try and take out all eight of his targets, but there’s a lot to discover along the way. 

8. Pretty Odd Bunny

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Pretty Odd Bunny
2Awesome Studio

Platforming and stealth don’t often go hand in hand. It’s rare to picture a jumping rabbit when you think of the best stealth games on PS5. Pretty Odd Bunny might challenge that though.

You’re a rabbit with a taste for pigs. You’ve got to traverse each platforming challenge to reach the tasty snack at the end. 

The only problem is your fellow bunnies. They don’t look too kindly on you rejecting carrots for pork. You’ve got to use stealth to evade your own kind and finally get that better snack. It’s a simple set-up but it adds character and some flair to things.

Levels are creatively designed. The stealth mechanics are well-developed and gel well with platforming. Getting that pig at the end of each stage can be challenging, but finishing is an achievement.

This title has a cutesy aesthetic and a pretty diverse roster of levels. The combination of platforming and stealth goes a long way here. It takes what is a simple premise for a game and makes it a lot more compelling. This might not be what most picture when you think the of best stealth games on PS5, but it’s worth a shot.

7. Sniper Elite 5

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Sniper Elite
Rebellion Developments

The Sniper Elite series is a franchise that’s been running since 2005. It follows Karl Fairburne, a skilled sniper in the Second World War. If you’re looking for pure and simple stealth action in a shooter setting, then this is one of the best stealth games on PS5 for you. 

Playing as a Sniper, you have to stay under the radar and take your shots without giving yourself away. You’re smuggled behind enemy lines and must stay undetected. That’s a challenge when you’re tasked with taking down submarines and high-ranking Nazis.

This is a stealth game that’s a lot better on the PS5, Textures and load times are improved in this version of the game. It also has great use of the DualSense in the PS5 gamepad. It’s a feature which lends itself really well to sniper gameplay. Making such good use of it makes this one of the top Sniper PS5 games. Here the haptic feedback adds an extra layer of immersion to the action.

6. Aragami 2

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Aragami 2
Lince Works

Aragami 2 is one of the best stealth games on PS5 with a more unique art style and gameplay. You take on the role of a Ninja who possesses some extraordinary abilities. Aragami has control of the shadows themselves. You can teleport between them and draw power from staying hidden. 

Aragami is set a long time after the original story. The Shadow Essence that gives Aragami their powers is being sapped by a curse. You’re revived for your ability to freely use Shadow Essence. You’ll go on a journey to defeat the invading Akatsuchi Empire and find a cure for your kind. 

Gameplay is fast paced while relying entirely on stealth. There’s a great system for progression to build your shadow powers as you progress. Visually, this is a PS5 stealth game that looks a bit different. It’s cel-shaded, a style that has never looked better than on the PS5. 

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Sekiro

Sekiro lets you play in different ways but a heavy dose subterfuge pays-off. This title was one of the most well-received stealth titles in the last-gen. The jump to next gen has made a big improvement to the title too.

Sekiro plays at 60 FPS on this console. It’s a locked 60 FPS too, which makes the entire experience that bit smoother and more immersive. It’s the best time to re-experience this title. 

If you missed it first time around, then you’ve got one of the best stealth games on PS5 waiting for you here. With the increased performance this might be the definitive version of Sekiro. 

4. A Plague’s Tale: Innocence

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - A Plague's Tale
Asobo Studio

A Plague’s Tale is a medieval game that has a heavy focus on stealth in its gameplay. You follow Amicia de Rune, a teenage French girl trying to survive and cure her sick younger brother, Hugo. The opening of the game sees French inquisition troops murder their family. This starts your journey away from home.

That journey is plagued with difficulties in just surviving, let alone trying to find a cure for Hugo. Most enemies are going to kill teenagers pretty much outright. This means you’ll have to use your wits and stealth skills to get around them. 

It isn’t all just sneaking though. The game has some fun puzzles too. It also boosts the ability to render 5,000 rats on-screen at once. Rats per pixel aren’t most player’s main concern but if it’s yours then A Plague’s Tale is perfect.

The story of a Plague’s Tale is one of the biggest factors going in its favour. We won’t spoil the whole thing for you here. It’s worth saying though that the journey is a rewarding one. The PS5 version of the game boasts some upgrades in performance and load times. This all makes it much more convenient.

3. Within the Blade

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Within The Blade
Ametist Studio

Within the Blade is an 2D title that blends up various genres for an engrossing experience. The title takes elements of platforming, RPGs, and a heavy dose of Stealth to tell its story.

You play as a Ninja in Within the Blade. You’re moving around 1560 AD Japan. Here the last Shogunate is losing power as a civil war rages. The Black Lotus Ninja Clan has to sabotage the invading war lords. It’s up to you to prevent Japan from falling into complete disrepair.

The game’s world gives a lot of opportunities for the title’s art to stand out. There’s plenty to like in gameplay here though. Playing as a ninja you can use stealth alongside various weapons to achieve your goals. There’s also a deep crafting system at work in the game with more than 200 recipes to work with.

Within the Blade stands out both for its stealth and gore. The game has dismemberment and the potential to get really quite violent. It’s a contrast with the well-drawn artsy world you’re inhabiting.

2. Hitman 3

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Hitman 3
IO Interactive

Hitman is one of the biggest stealth franchises in gaming. The most recent instalment is one of the best in the series. Hitman draws this trilogy to a conclusion. It’s building on everything the series has been up until now. 

Hitman 3 has you completing missions as Agent 47. The game has an impressive number of environments. The sandbox areas where you run your missions are some of the best developed in the series. 

This game has you embark on varied and lively missions. In each you have to find unique ways of sneaking around the locals. This is one of the most creative games in terms of the options you have to accomplish stealth goals. Even just within the disguises Hitman 3 takes it further than the series has ever gone before.

Hitman 3 has a PS5 upgrade which makes the title even better visually. It supports 4K, 60 FPS, and HDR. There’s the upgrade to load times here too. This is by far the best way to play the game with a lot more power behind it.

The game has an ongoing story with the rest of the series. However, if you haven’t played the past titles then the gameplay itself is still worth checking out. It’s one of the best stealth games on PS5 and a highlight of the platform’s catalogue.

1. Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain

Best Stealth Games on PS5 - Metal Gear

Probably the biggest name in stealth games is Metal Gear. These Kojima directed games are iconic in gaming. While the franchise isn’t active at the moment, one of the best instalments is available to play on PS5. 

Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain might be a few years old but it’s one of the best stealth games on PS5. This game has a more open design. It gives players a lot more options and control compared to normal stealth games. You can take different routes and use a variety of tactics as Solid Snake.

The title moves the MGS gameplay into 1984 and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. This more opened up world is the background for incredibly rewarding stealth gameplay. There are more options for how to outplay your enemies than ever before.

This is a Metal Gear game, so there’s also a focus on story with lengthy cut scenes. The plot might not make the most sense if you’re not familiar with the franchise. Or even if you are, sometimes Metal Gear games can throw a few curveballs. 

Phantom Pain is likely going to be the final Metal Gear that fans accept as authentic. Thankfully the title feels like the culmination in a lot of ways. The story might end up a bit inconclusive, but the gameplay definitely had some highs here.

Those are the best stealth games on PS5 right now. Between these, there should be a title to indulge every type of stealth player. There’s plenty on the horizon for the console too though. So keep an eye out for new releases that can hit that sneaking itch.


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